Aaron Douglas At Dallas All-Con [Spoiler Alert]

Audra and I were lucky enough to catch Aaron Douglas at the Dallas All-Con event today, and greatly enjoyed his Saturday panel. For those of you who haven't seen Mr. Douglas in person, he's very fan-accessible, affable, and entertaining. Some interesting (and possibly very slightly spoilericious) facts gleaned from his talk:

  • He indicated that BSG will indeed resume shooting March 24th.
  • He seemed pretty sure that we won't see the ten-or-so remaining "season four" episodes until 2009.
  • He claims to know who the final Cylon is, but obviously isn't going to reveal it. (Thankfully no one asked.)
  • He also mentioned that he has yet to see scripts for the second half of the season, which combined with the above would seem to indicate that the final Cylon reveal will occur during the ten episode run starting April 4th.
  • And for female (and non-hetero male) fans, he rarely wears underwear. Hilarity ensues.

Douglas says he'll be at the All-Con event through the weekend, so anyone in the Dallas area may want to consider dropping by. The event offers a lot of bang-for-the-buck: one day passes are only $15. Autographs from Douglas are $20, and pictures with him are available by donation (to charity).

Dallas All-Con [Main Site]

9 Responses to "Aaron Douglas At Dallas All-Con [Spoiler Alert]"
  1. Gryper says:

    Where’d he get that jersey? I want one!

  2. Luc says:

    That is a cool jersey!

  3. Leon Kensington says:

    So did you guys get an intro?

  4. Steve says:

    He got the jersey from a fan who won a trip to a Canucks hockey game with him. It was in connection with the sending of boxes of pencils to the production companies. It says “Writer’s Guild of America” on it. Has Douglas and the number 05 on the back. He was still wearing his stormtrooper KISS tshirt underneath it 🙂

  5. Timbuck says:

    My sports side comes out…that is a New Jersey Devils NHL jersey sans logo. Woo-Hoo! Go Devils!

  6. Babs says:

    And for female (and non-hetero male) fans, he rarely wears underwear. Hilarity ensues.

    And when he does, is it usually something interesting?

    honestly, > with jealousy!

  7. Michelle says:

    Hi, I run Aaron’s website and was wondering if you had any photos of Aaron from the con that I could post on the website. I will of course give you credit for the photos and a link back to here if you like.

    My email address is on the front page of the website, just above the site meter. http://www.aarondouglasfans.com

    Thank you

    ~ Michelle

  8. Steven says:

    Hi, I was there, too.

  9. BSG-32 Minnesotia says:

    I collect unusual hockey jerseys. I must have that one!

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