March Book Of The Month: 1984


GWCers have spoken, and this month we're all diving into some classic sci-fi: George Orwell's 1984. Obviously the year in question has come and gone, and we're not living in the world Orwell imagined.

He certainly couldn't have predicted Big Brother.

But then again, his vision of things-to-come still seems relevant -- and certainly lives on in our culture.

This classic is available widely in used book stores -- I scored a paperback for $1.50 this last weekend! -- and new copies are available in multiple printings from Amazon and many, many others. If you get a chance, why not join us in the GWC Forum to talk about it?

1984 Group Discussion [GWC Forum]

One Response to "March Book Of The Month: 1984"
  1. Hayden Jones says:

    This is a double good choice!

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