Heroes Soundtrack Arrives March 18th

Fans have been assembling "unofficial" sound tracks for some time now, but as of March 18th you'll be able to skip the hassle and buy one -- including the theme, of course. The disc will include tracks from artists including Bob Dylan, Wilco, Panic At The Disco, and others.

Here's a complete track listing:

1. Heroes Title - Wendy & Lisa
2. Fire and Regeneration - Wendy & Lisa (*new release)
3. He's Frank - Brighton Port Authority featuring Iggy Pop (*new release)
4. All For Swinging You Around - New Pornographers
5. Glad It's Over - Wilco (*new release)
6. Weightless - Nada Surf (new release)
7. Nine In The Afternoon - Panic! At The Disco (new release)
8. Chills - My Morning Jacket (*new release)
9. Natural Selection - Wendy & Lisa
10. ABoneCroneDrone 3 - Shelia Chandra
11. Not Now But Soon - Imogen Heap (*new release)
12. Jealously Rides With Me - Death Cab For Cutie (*new U.S. release)
13. All Things Must Pass - The Jesus and Mary Chain (*new release)
14. Homecoming - Wendy & Lisa
15. Man In The Long Black Coat - Bob Dylan
16. Maya's Theme - Yerba Buena (*new release)
17. Keeping My Composure - The Chemical Brothers featuring Spank Rock (*new release)
18. Heroes - David Bowie
* Denotes an exclusive new release on the "Heroes" soundtrack album.

The bad news: it's a Best Buy/Zune Marketplace exclusive. Of those two options, I'd probably choose Best Buy. But why not just release this?


3 Responses to "Heroes Soundtrack Arrives March 18th"
  1. Mike P says:

    Well, gods know the Zune Marketplace needs *something* to attract people to it. Their lack of video content apart from music videos is appalling and infuriating to people like me who can’t figure out how to convert iTunes videos. So I have no problem with Zune finally doing something right. Of course, you know it will be ultimately be released wider, so don’t sweat it.

    On the other side, I am disappointed it is not more of a “score” soundtrack, but instead seems heavy on the pop music. I will probably not be buying it wherever it’s available — I don’t like these kind of “soundtracks,” I like the ones more like BSGs, where the actual score is heard.

  2. Tanu says:

    I just want the music where Peter is flying! Woohoo!

  3. Chuck says:

    It looked to me like there are at least four pieces of pure soundtrack. Actually, I’m kinda interested in it.

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