Star Wars Legacy, KOTR, And Watchmen


Based on numerous recommendations from GWCers I've torn into Alan Moore's Watchmen. Even though I'm only two chapters/issues in, it's amazing how much popular sci-fi/comic culture draws from this story and the way it's presented. It's gritty, ugly, and often uncomfortable to read, but I can already tell that it's going to give me new insight into the other material I consume.

I also recently jumped into both early and late Star Wars tales in the form of the 125-years-post-Episode-IV Legacy series and the thousands-of-years-earlier Knights of the Old Republic. Incredibly, I've never been exposed to the "greater" Star Wars universe, except through a two-year ongoing explanation from Sean. It's great to see the story in vivid art now, too.

Thanks again for the recommendations, everyone. And I totally look forward to discussing these with you soon!

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  1. GalaxyRanger says:

    You just had to do it, Chuck. Watchmen would have been the book of the month for April (in all likelihood). But I’m not blaming you for reading it now, it’s irresistible. Post your thoughts in the Watchmen thread in the Book Selection forum, I’m totally interested to hear your opinion!

    Also: for the extended Star Wars universe, have you read the Thrawn Trilogy? That’s were I would start, it’s somewhat of an inofficial third trilogy. See the thread in the Book Selection forum 🙂

  2. quebecois says:

    you MUST take the time the play Knights of the old republic on XBOX or PC .

    If you love Mass Effect…trust me….KOTOR will knock you on your ass.

    a frind of mine and i recently were discussing the best starwars story.

    our list?…the best is still Empire Strikes Back….but….coming in close second was KOTOR the game…trust me…it is that good

  3. JadOnTV says:

    Check out the Onion’s AV club for a recently-posted primer on Alan Moore. Thankfully, it does not give away the ending to Watchmen.

    And I second GalaxyRanger – the Thrawn Trilogy should be your first dipping-of-the-toe into the Expanded Universe.

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