Gary Gygax Passes On

As reported by the Associated Press (and all 'round the 'net), Gary Gygax passed on this morning. He was 69, and is survived by a large family. This is where most writers would insert either a humorous bit of RPG-speak or relate their own D&D-playing-teenager experience, I'll just state the obvious:

Gygax indirectly affected my life and millions of others in a positive way.
If you have a moment or two, maybe you can share a little about how he affected your life in comments.

(Thanks, tanstaafl!)

Update: Blogger and all-round good guy Wil Wheaton put a post out setting Gygax's life in context. Don't miss the excerpt from Wheaton's book detailing his introduction to the world dice-and-paper RPGs.

2 Responses to "Gary Gygax Passes On"
  1. DarthWeef says:

    I for one am sad.

    RPG’s were a huge part of my childhood, and without going into the gory details, they were pretty much the only good part of it. They introduced me to people who brought me into a world of fantasy and SciFI that I would not have found otherwise.

    RPG’s were a doorway into a much larger aspect of life that impacts me every day and that type of influence can not be quantified.

    Gary will be immortalized in what he has created and there can be no more impressive accomplish in this world.

  2. Timbuck says:

    My miserable middle school and early high school years were saved by this mans influence on gaming. Godspeed Gary!

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