WANT: Nixon Connect

If the fact that Hiro Nakamura wears one isn't enough to make you drool for this watch like I do, there's a practical side as well: its high-res face can display the time in 37 cities -- perfect for anyone planning to blink from Tokyo to Times Square instantly. Of course, you'll have probably have to set it manually after a jaunt to feudal Japan.

Even the uninitiated will appreciate Nixon's skate and snowboard cred, and you're unlikely to run into anyone else wearing one -- unless I find a spare $150 in the near future. I know it's over-priced, but I'm a bona-fide watch fiend. This one's totally on my list.

The Connect [Nixon]

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  1. john b says:

    This watch is WAY COOL! I love watches and the more unique the better. If I had the cash I would probably collect them.

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