New Iron Man Trailer

A new Iron Man trailer is making the rounds, offering a longer glimpse at Tony Stark’s early attempts at flying and a pretty good feeling as to how the story’s going to flow. My take: it’s a lot better than the teaser, and has me more excited about checking it out this summer.

(Thanks, Yorick! You rock, Iron Man-style.)

8 Responses to "New Iron Man Trailer"
  1. Dave says:

    OFF…THE….CHAIN!!!!! Damn that was nice!

    Well played, sir!

  2. EBone says:

    The trailer rocks. Hopefully the movie will be just as good.

  3. Tanu says:

    ooo…this looks so badass!

  4. frakkintalos says:

    When I heard Robert Downey was playing the lead I got stoked.

  5. missmuffet says:

    I’m SO excited about this movie!!!! Robert Downey Jr. ROCKS

  6. Cami's Mom says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG! This is awesome. I think my SO will actually leave the home theater to got see this one at the movies. Yeah I can have popcorn!

  7. Solai says:

    Was that Gweneth Paltrow? This is A-list baby!

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