Job Requirement #4: Love The Venture Brothers

Apparently working for SEOmoz, a Seattle-based search engine optimization company, requires some taste. From a job posting on their website:

Don't be wooed by the big firms -- come to a place where your talents are appreciated, your voice is heard, and your code has an impact. If you can answer the following 5 questions with an empathic "heck, yeah!" then please, send an email right now (well, actually, look through the hob specs, then send that email).

1. Does the Internet cower before your design & webdev prowess?

2. Are you a huge fan of the Daily Show % Colbert Report?

3. Is your hatred for cubicles exceeded only by your desire to make the web a better place?

4. Do you love the Venture Brothers (or at least promise to watch an episode after we lend you the DVDs)?

...and so on. So as far as I can tell, if you're a web developer that doesn't want to work for a "big firm," is willing to work in a cubicle so long as you can develop for the web, likes all the same shows as your boss -- even if they are pretty cool shows -- and you don't mind living in the "special hell" for Google-blacklisted SEO people and people who talk in theaters, this is the job for you.

Lead Web/Interface Designer [SEOmoz, Inc.]

One Response to "Job Requirement #4: Love The Venture Brothers"
  1. Armando says:

    I so wish I were a web developer right now!

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