TV Squad Puts Michelle Forbes “In The Limelight”

Three things I didn't know about Michelle Forbes until I read TV Squad's interview today: 1) She lives in Austin, just up the road a bit from the GWC crew. 2) She collects broken clocks. 3) She's just as cool in person as she is on screen.

OK, I suspected #3. But there's quite a bit of other information of interest to GWCers here, including her reasons behind not jumping into Star Trek with both feet -- though they rolled out the red carpet for her on more than one occasion -- and the impact of her brilliant performance as BSG's Admiral Cain.

And don't miss her current appearance in HBO's In Treatment.

In The Limelight: Michelle Forbes [TV Squad]

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  1. frakkintalos says:

    It’s the Razor, I mean knife. It’s a KNIFE!!

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