Star Trek XI Vs. Wolverine And The Terminator

It looks like Star Trek XI's move to spring 2009 isn't as free of competition as it was a month ago. Variety is reporting that the new McG-directed Terminator flick is opening just two weeks after the Trek franchise's new hope. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins will (as of now) release May 22, 2009, and will star Christian Bale. With the Wolverine X-Men spin-off opening days before Trek, could this be another Nemesis situation?

For what it's worth, I've always been a Nemesis fan. Sure, it's not my single favorite Trek film, but I suspect that its poor box-office numbers -- and subsequent fan thrashing -- was due more to release date than to the quality of the film itself. Then again, I must not be the primary demographic -- because I'm going to see all three. It's gonna be a great spring!

Variety's Terminator Coverage [via]

2 Responses to "Star Trek XI Vs. Wolverine And The Terminator"
  1. dave says:

    Yeah–that whole moving out of Xmas thing…not too bright

  2. Darthweef says:

    Sorry Chuck … but Nemesis was just a bad movie..

    It was touted as the “final” movie, and most certainly the final TNG movie, and they chose to make it all about a villain no one cared about (and turned out to be Picard’s clone …. huh?) who single-handedly did what no other villain (including the Borg and the semi-omnipotent Q) could… destroy the enterprise and kill Data. I know they destroyed the Enterprise in Generations, but I blame “confused Riker” for that more then anything else. Then at the end of the movie, Data is gone, but we have his counterpart who looks like Data but is retarded… ugh…

    I actually liked this summation the best :

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