Six Rules For Starlets Gleaned From Geek Superstar Natalie Portman

MSNBC film critic Alonso Duralde has rounded up six lessons Hollywood starlets can learn from the youngest Star Wars royalty, Natalie Portman. He writes:

In an age of starlets gone wild — and the pursuit of same by the insatiable scandal-sheet press corps — Portman has risen to the top of her profession with smarts and class. Even if all of her film choices weren’t the greatest — anybody remember “Where the Heart Is”? — she’s hit upon a winning formula for playing the fame game, and her peers would do well to follow her lead.

The rules:

  1. Be smart.
  2. Be politically committed.
  3. Date non-gross guys.
  4. Work hard.
  5. Have a sense of humor about yourself.
  6. Have parents that support you -- and who stay out of the spotlight.

He also adds a seventh: "...remember to wear panties when exiting a limousine."

Kidding aside, this is a really nice article showing how Ms. Portman clearly has a good head on her shoulders and is handling herself -- and her career -- with style and class. It's a good read.

(Thanks, Hot Rod Homepage, for the great CC-licensed photo.)

How Utterly Cool Is Natalie Portman? [MSNBC]

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