New Galactica Action Figures

In late Toy Fair '08 coverage, IGN posted pictures of some Diamond Select's series two Galactica action figures, which should hit shelves this summer. According to IGN, series two will include "Starbuck, Kat, a Cylon Centurion, and exclusives of Helo and Cain." They report that Diamond also has "busts and statues of characters and ships from the series" in production.

As you can see from their photos (one above), they look pretty sweet. Be sure to check out the original IGN post for lots more photos, plus some of Diamond's new Star Trek figures as well.

One gripe, though: No Larry?

Toy Fair '08: BSG Collectibles [IGN]
Diamond Select Toys [Corporate Site]

3 Responses to "New Galactica Action Figures"
  1. Pike says:

    Looks like we’ll get a minifig Larry (and Muffit!):

    “the Battlestar Galactica line is expanding with a fourth series of Minimates as well as a line of Minis based on the classic Galactica series. Yes, that includes a Muffit Mini.”

  2. dxf says:

    “Helo figure comes with real poor judgment.”

  3. Joe says:

    What’s this Battlestar Galactica post doing here?

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