Richard Hatch Says Season 4 = All 22 Episodes

It looks like WonderCon BSG coverage is starting to dribble out of San Franciso, including this bit from Great White Snark, who attended Richard Hatch's talk today. Besides confirming that Hatch is still is normal "pervy" self -- talking to his pants and again suggesting that his character should get laid -- he also mentioned that the kind folks at Sci-Fi Network "should be able to complete all twenty-two episodes" of season four.

So chalk up one more positive rumor to the mill: maybe we will get a full season four this year -- if the actors don't strike.

Richard Hatch Gives Fanboys Good News And Lewd News [Great White Snark]

One Response to "Richard Hatch Says Season 4 = All 22 Episodes"
  1. Pike says:

    Wait, what? The actors are going to negotiate now? Frak.

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