RDM/Eick Weigh In On The Law In BSG

In a fun reversal of the GWC method of asking lawyers to comment on BSG, law blog Concurring Opinions recently interviewed Ron Moore and David Eick asking them to comment on how they see law and politics in BSG. The interview is definitely worth checking out (link below), but what's really fun is to plug the interview into Google to see everyone's reaction.

It seems that almost everyone sees something of their enemy (or themselves) in BSG; left-wingers see it as conservative and right-wingers see it as left-wing. Those both for and against the war in Iraq see it as a war commentary. This is one of the reasons I enjoy the show so much: everyone gets something from it, and it makes everyone think. More importantly, it brings together vastly different groups and gives them common ground on which to meet, learn to trust each other, then discuss any number of topics.

As GWC has expanded over the last year beyond just covering BSG, it's this kind of camaraderie that makes it possible. If I haven't said so lately, thanks Ron, David, and all the others who made BSG possible.

Battlestar Galactica Interview [Concurring Opinions]

One Response to "RDM/Eick Weigh In On The Law In BSG"
  1. Architect says:

    Huh. This is a very interesting interview – I listened to parts 1a + 1b. Got a little bit more insight into the minds of RM + DE. I wonder if this is something that Lawyer Bill might be interested in commenting on in the GWC podcast?…

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