New Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Game Play Vids

The folks over at XBox 360 Fanboy posted two new gameplay videos from the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Pay special attention to the second one in which the player force-pushes some trees, bending and breaking them. Now I understand why everyone's so excited about the games application of Pixelux's Digital Molecular Matter to handle a destructible environment. You just don't get this kind of interaction from current technology.

The game will also incorporate NaturalMotion's Euphoria, a software package that renders 3D characters by simulating individual muscle and nervous system interaction. The result: non-player characters react slightly differently each time, even if you provide identical input.

If Lucasfilm Director of Content Management Steve Sansweet's 2006 ComicCon indication that the game will include "major revelations" about the franchise isn't enough to tempt you into shelling out your hard-earned cash for this game, maybe this will.

Either that, or the possibility of wielding a light saber via Wii remote.

SW: TFU Gameplay Videos [XBox 360 Fanboy]

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  1. Armando says:

    Did you happen to notice who’s playing the apprentice character you play in the game? Last time we saw him he had a hole in his head, courtesy of one Gaius Baltar.

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