Mexican Comic Book Art On Display In Phoenix-Area Museum

If you're looking for some unique comic culture, swing by the West Valley Art Museum in Surprise, AZ -- a Phoenix suburb -- before March 16th. They're hosting a display of vintage Mexican comics belonging to local avid collector Russ Todd.

Russ, from an article in the Arizona Republic:

"A friend and I make regular trips to Mexico City to visit a flea market down there, about three or four times a year. In July of 2005, I came across a cover painting. It was covered to protect it, and when I peeled back the cover, the art was amazing. The colors were as bright as when it was painted. I immediately bought every one the dealer had."

The Republic reports that he now was over 3,000 paintings, about 500 with their original comics.

If I was in Phoenix, I'd totally check this out. If any listeners/readers go, drop me a line. I'd love to hear about it -- and see some pictures.

Mexican Comic-Book Art On Display In Surprise [The Arizona Register]
The West Valley Art Museum [Main Site]


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