The R2DToque

As a guy who's spent his share of time in the shop, I can attest that a toque is a total necessity when it's cold. The only thing better, of course, is a cunning hat, which (in addition to announcing your allegiance to Browncoats everywhere) keeps your ears warmer than a toque.

But as toques go, I'd say this is the coolest one I've seen in some time. And if you'd like one of your own, break out your needles. Craft blog Clarissa Knits offers a complete materials list and set of instructions to keep your head warm droid-style. Or, if you're all thumbs with the yarn, the lovely Clarissa will knit you one for $50 -- maybe.

R2D2 Beanie [Clarissa Knits] [via]
Buy One From Clarissa [Etsy]

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