Robotech: The Macross Series, Episode 1


I originally saw bits and pieces of the Macross series in the 80s on PBS, but back in those pre-DVR days I never caught enough of it to really understand what was going on. Thankfully Sean was cool enough to bring over a portion of his massive Robotech DVD collection and give me a shot of actually seeing the series in order.

So last night I got my first look at the beginning: episode one -- Booby Trap.

Yes, it's a bit talky -- it is anime, after all -- and Minmei is a little dopey this early on. But Jason's on track, saying pretty much exactly what I (or Sean) would say in the same situation. And best of all, I'm finally understanding (at least a little bit) what's going on in Robotech and why.

At any rate, I'm having a great time checking it out, and would highly recommend it to anyone else who missed out on some (or all) of it the first time 'round back in the day.

Robotech: The Macross Saga (Complete Collection) [Amazon]

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  1. Gammera says:

    If you can find the original Macross series you will enjoy it sooooo much better. I tell ya by episode 20 if you hear “to be in love” one more time you will shoot yourself. The original macross is much more grown up. Also look for the Macross movie Do You Remember Love even though it was made in 1984 it is still considered a benchmark in traditional animation. (STAY AWAY FROM THE AUSTRAILIAN VERSION Attack of the Bioniods!!).

  2. Heatsinker says:

    Hi Sean and Jason,

    There are 3 Talkshoe podcast devoted to ROBOTECH, I think you might enjoy and could answer your questions regarding this great 1985 Anime series which introduced Japanese anime to the U.S.

    Check them out when you have a chance,


    2. Space Station Liberty:

    3. RDF Underground:

    Hope to see you there.

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