Forget Stocks — Buy Comics!

Stephen Fishler of Metropolis Collectibles is on CNN today explaining how collecting comics -- and vintage movie posters -- might be an option for wary investors burned by the stock market. One example: Fishler owns the first comic in which Batman appeared, which sold for $0.10 in 1939, but is worth $485,000 today.

In the CNN report, Fishler says he started collecting comics as a kid, but turned his collection into a business in the 1980s. He now has a comic "vault" containing over 200,000 books.

His advice for future comic investors: take six months to a year to get familiar with the market before you jump in. And most importantly, "Buy what you like, buy what you appreciate, buy what you enjoy, and if it turns out to be an investment, so much the better."

Comics: Different Way To Invest [CNN Video]
Metropolis Collectibles [Corporate Site]

2 Responses to "Forget Stocks — Buy Comics!"
  1. Shellie Patterson says:

    Holy cow Chuck – how many blog entries are you going to do in 24 hours? 🙂

  2. Aaron says:

    Y’know, funny thing: A couple of days ago I pulled out my old comics from the death of Superman era. (92-94) I thought to myself. “These have to be worth a fortune!” I googled around a bit to find that they were all selling regularly for LESS than their original cover price.

    I’m hoping someday further in the future they will be worth something, but I’m not holding my breath.

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