BSG/DS9 Writers Developing Story For Aliens Game

Fans will be happy to hear that BSG/DS9 writers David Weddle and Bradley Thompson are preparing the story behind the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines game now scheduled for release late this year.

The Weddle/Thompson team's Galactica credits include "Rapture," "Maelstrom", the incredible "Exodus: Part 1" and "Exodus: Part 2," plus the pre-season-three "Resistance" webisodes. They also penned twelve Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes including "Extreme Measures," "'Til Death Do Us Part," and "Prodigal Daughter."

Gaming blog Play says the Aliens title will consist of squad-based combat in "confined environments, which various nasties will no doubt be leaping and creeping out of." Let's hope that the writers who brought us the "greatest moment in sci-fi since the Millennium Falcon arrived at the end of Star Wars," the Ferengi "Great River", and Ezri Dax's joyous family find a place for their talents in the game.

Sega Promise Aliens In "Late 2008" []
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