Someone Please Give Kev A Shot At Dig Dug

When I saw io9's post revealing the first concept art from upcoming monster flick The Borrowers, it totally reminded me of a bit I read on Kevin Smith's awesomely-intimate My Boring-Ass Life blog some time back (and more recently in the My Boring-Ass Life book, in print form). In a Q&A at one point, someone asked the man-behind-Clerks what video game he'd like to see next on the big screen. His answer:

Dig Dug.

I can hear you laughing right now. But take a look at that crazy-ass monster above and ask yourself if you wouldn't want to drop a rock on it -- or jet your ass out of its way. When someone finally greenlights this idea and you find yourself sitting in the theater with your friends scared out of your gourd, just remember: I called it.

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