Lasers And Strategy? I’m In.

As far as I'm concerned, any board game that comes with "Warning: Contains Class II Lasers" on the box is worth a try. Our friend Phillip Torrone over at Make is still posting great coverage of the NYC Toy Fair, including this sweet find: Khet -- Strategy At The Speed of Light.

The game's site describes it "as the simplicity of checkers combined with the strategy of chess -- with real laser power!" It's hard to get a real sense of game play from their descriptions, but from watching the promotional video, it looks to me as if you and a single opponent move pieces chess/checkers-style around the board, aligning piece-mounted mirrors to destroy enemy pieces when the lasers fire.

I'm guessing that the actual pieces don't burst into flame like the CG ones in the video, but still... frickin' lasers, man!

It's available directly from the manufacturer for $45.

Khet: The Laser Game [Corporate Site] [via]

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