It’s Not Easy Being Green

I'd say this is one hell of plank in the "green aliens are hotter than blue aliens" argument. Yep -- that's everyone's favorite dabo girl Chase Masterson as Xela, the Orion slave girl in the fun new internet-only Star Trek: Of Gods And Men mini-series.

Masterson, as quoted in the Renegade Studios forum via an Associated Press interview:

"It was SO FUN doing Xela. Really just a blast. Partly 'cuz I such a Susan Oliver fan, especially since she was on the cover of Geek Monthly, which is my lifetime goal. I love working with Tim Russ. He's a fabulous director, and the script was good and dark... It was overall a yummy experience.

"But it's not easy being green... I mean, it was everywhere. I'll just leave at that and not ruin the image of Susan Oliver and the rest of us girls cavorting in our tiny slave-suits."

Holy crap. If Slice of SciFi's interview with Tim Russ wasn't enough to entice you to check out the free-to-everyone ST:OGM, this should do the trick.

Star Trek: Of Gods And Men [Official Site]

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