Bender Brewer Project: The Deets

We all heard about Simon Janson's awesomely practical Bender brewer project, but now the project's creator has taken the time to assemble a sweet online tutorial to walk other Futurama fans through the process of building their own. The task involves some basic woodwork -- plus a bit of PVC and fiberglass.

My favorite part, though? He includes a transcript of the drunken IM session in which his buddy Dave suggests the project.

[3/30/2007 9:21:20 AM] Simon Jansen says: Everytime I watch Futurama I want to build a bender.
[3/30/2007 9:24:14 AM] David Moore says: do you remember the episode where they brew beer inside Bender?
[3/30/2007 9:24:26 AM] David Moore says: you should build that.... a Bender brewer
[3/30/2007 9:24:28 AM] Simon Jansen says: Vaguely.\
[3/30/2007 9:24:37 AM] David Moore says: he gets all maternal
[3/30/2007 9:24:42 AM] Simon Jansen says: I could buil done out of real steel.
[3/30/2007 9:26:49 AM] David Moore says: season3 episode12: The Route of All Evil
[3/30/2007 9:26:56 AM] David Moore says: title refers to money, not beer
[3/30/2007 9:27:27 AM] Simon Jansen says: How about a Bender beer fridge? Get one of those mini fridges and build that into him?
[3/30/2007 9:28:00 AM] David Moore says: no a brewer

And here at GWC, we're totally down with drunken IM sessions about Futurama.

The Bender Brewer Project [DIY Page] [via]


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