BSG Re-Watch: Rapture

It’s week thirty-eight of our planned off-season re-watch of the entire “re-imagined” BSG canon, and after a little time off to watch Razor, it’s time to move on to the season three episode “Rapture.” So why not join us here for the GWC online frak party? There’s room for everyone, though you’ll have to bring your own snacks…

Feel free to jump in at any point with your comments on this week’s episode as the re-watch is by definition spoiler free. We’ll be in and out, but we’ll definitely take a look at your comments before we start next week’s podcast.

Note: Though a lot of the frak party will likely take place in the GWC Forum — click [here] to enter and join the fun — we’re going to leave comments open here as well as some listeners and readers have asked us to do so. Enjoy!

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  1. master1228 says:

    OK, what made the Cavils change their mind? Nothing changed for them, their stated plan of let the humans destroy the Eye, then the cylons’ 4 base stars destroy Galactica would work just fine. It seemed like he agreed just to create more tension against the Dianna models.

    When you see the strength of bond between Helo and Athena, Helo so strong, yet not wanting to hurt Sharon, but in the end, following her wishes and doing what was best for their family (shooting her so she would resurrect onto the base star to get Hera back to them), even if it meant killing a little piece of himself in the process. I know for Sharon, getting killed is like Gabby Jay getting knocked out by Mike Tyson, but for Helo, he’s still shooting the woman he loves and having her die in his arms! Compare that to Lee who cheats on Dee with Starbuck by ordering Starbuck to fly the missions to the Algae planet so they could be together, then asks… no, orders Dee to rescue Starbuck when her raptor crashes!

    I love Helo’s restraint, just being able to exist in the same room as Roslyn without putting a bullet into her as well! After she denegrades his decision though, he starts to lose it, stands up (towering over her btw) and slowly walking towards her until Adama subtly puts a hand on his arm to keep him back as he then denegrates her decision to lie and steal Hera away from her parents.

    I still think that the cylon Dianna saw in her vision of the final 5 was either Anders or Tigh, but I’m leaning towards Tigh, since torture that lead to taking Tigh’s eye is probably worse than toying with Anders and almost killing him in the parking complex turned rubble back on Caprica.

    Now that we see the Chief’s unspoken connection with the temple, Helo (Greek god of the Sun, which in this case is quite a coincidence) remembers the painting from Starbuck’s apartment looks similar to the Eye of Jupiter symbols from the temple and during this rewatch, it seems just that much more likely that her connection to the temple indicates Starbuck as the final cylon.

    Does anyone think that somehow in Season 4, that Dianna will find her way back into (Amazon) Unboxed territory or do you think that this was the last we’ll see of Dianna?

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