January 21, 2008

GWC Podcast #82

Besides discussing the great BSG re-watch episode Unfinished Business, we check in on the Firefly re-watch and other sci-fi topics as well. Highlights: We learn that Sean couldn’t possibly serve on Mal’s crew, discover that one of our listeners has a remote connection to Ezri Dax, note two examples of uterus-shaped ships, question the latest fad of bashing Mass Effect because of its 60-seconds of sex content (out of 60-80 hours of straight-through game play), weigh in on the Chewbacca (with his “wurse”) vs. Wrex (and his biotics) forum debate, wonder why Tigh didn’t fight, comment on Roslyn’s beautiful red dress, and compare one journalist’s “sex box” (360) comments to Justin Timberlake’s SNL emmy-winning other sex box tune. Really.

One Response to "GWC Podcast #82"
  1. master1228 says:

    After hearing that Sean would pick Cally over either Dee or Kara, I figured I’d post a couple of videos from Tiki Bar TV that had Niki Clyne as their guest.

    Enjoy: http://raad.wordpress.com/2008/01/22/tiki-bar-tv-brings-in-a-battlestar-galactica-mainstay/

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