Podcast Soon!

Just a quick note to let you know what we did indeed record a podcast for this week. It’s currently held up by an technical glitch from our hosting service Libsyn. Libsyn’s been wonderful to work with and has always been incredibly helpful in resolving any problems, so we imagine they’ll have things crankin’ again soon.

Update: As you’ve probably already noticed, Libsyn has resolved the issue with the file for Podcast #81, and we’ve published it. Thanks for all your patience!

3 Responses to "Podcast Soon!"
  1. Goldschmied says:

    can’t hardly wait

  2. Pixielass says:

    Come on podcast, distribute!

  3. Gryper says:

    Patience! Some of these glitches take longer to fix no matter how good the techs are that are working on them.

    P.S. I’ve been checking all day too. 🙂

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