January 11, 2008

GWC Podcast #80

In this bonus podcast, we take a walk back to the early eighties to discuss the GWC re-watch of Wargames — *the* hacker movie. Highlights: we discuss why Wargames is indeed sci-fi, drool over young Ally Sheedy, dissect David’s motivation(s) for getting in trouble at school, wonder why the movie’s stylist is so into vests and tweed, criticize ’80s female fashion, critique McKittrick’s assistant’s undergarments, bemoan the demise of the (real) arcade, digress to other Matthew Broderick movies, and reassure listeners that we’re indeed going to record a bonus Firefly ‘cast soon.


4 Responses to "GWC Podcast #80"
  1. master1228 says:

    Hey, don’t worry about getting a bit off topic by talking about memorable 1980s movies like Ferris Beuller’s Day Off or Breakfast Club. An aside for good movies is always welcome.

  2. mymatedave says:

    Thanks to you guys and the strength of this podcast I went and downloaded Wargames myself, and you were right, McKitterick was quite the ass.

  3. Slow Bus says:

    Love your podcasts. For us anal-retentive folks, shouldn’t this really be a DTA podcast?

  4. Slow Bus says:

    Me bad, I missed the beginning of this podcast. Thanks for explaining. Does this mean there will be no DTA podcasts in the future?

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