December 30, 2007

GWC Podcast #78

This week we cover the re-watch episode Torn, but we also take a few minutes to disucss Chrismas loot. Highlights: Sean scores a copy of the new sci-fi game Mass Effect and loves it, Chuck bemoans the fact that Wil Wheaton won’t guest on GWC, Audra answers the ultimate question — where does Lara Croft keep the guns? — and we speculate more on the origin of goo, note the re-watch appearance of Sharon Tai Chi,discuss Racetrack’s incredible luck, question again whether or not Baltar’s a Cylon, wonder if Ms. Sackhoff really cut her hair with a KA-Bar for the show, speculate that EJO used “the voice” on Hot Dog as a child, and debate the official drink of GWC (and whether it includes a C3PO action figure). Look for a call-heavy episode next week. Happy New Year, and be safe on the ‘eve.

3 Responses to "GWC Podcast #78"
  1. Jen says:

    Couple weeks ago my sister and I waited in line for an hour to see EJO narate Disney’s Christmas production called Candlelight Processional, while we were waiting we could hear the end of the first show … and he closed it by saying “So Say We All”. Unfortunately he must have gotten a talking to and he didn’t reapeat it for the second show, so we couldn’t get a audio of it. I must say that his reading of the Christmas Story was very moving, there is a particularly moving section that he read in both English and Spanish.

  2. dxf says:

    EJO Watch II: That Christmas story is great. In the Blade Runner deluxe edition DVD — which, if you’re just tuning in, totally kicks all arse — documentary features, all the other Blade Runner cast, crew, and creators refer to Olmos as “Eddie.” Which is funny to me; knowing him just from his work, I tend to think of him as more of a “Sir Edward, Master Thespian.” As the Xmas anecdote and #78 suggest, I guess he’s a pretty cool cat.

  3. David Campbell says:

    Official Drink of GWC – Slurm!

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