Weekly Presidential Approval Poll: December 16, 2007 (Ep. Torn)

Here’s the new weekly presidential approval poll. Remember — even if you voted last week, you’ll want to vote again on this poll as this is a weekly feature and the results will vary from week to week. Let your opinion be heard (for free)!

Remember: This approval poll applies to the current GWC re-watch schedule, which means you should be voting for your feelings circa Episode 305: “Torn.”

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Laura Roslin is handling her job as president?

  • Approve: 48% (45 votes)
  • Disapprove: 49% (46 votes)
  • Unsure: 3% (3 votes)

Total Votes: 94

One Response to "Weekly Presidential Approval Poll: December 16, 2007 (Ep. Torn)"
  1. master1228 says:

    This is a funny poll result so far, it’s almost a dead heat between approve and disapprove with a handful of unsures (39, 40 and 3 respectively) since all Roslyn does is talk with Gaeta and Adama about charting their way to Earth from Baltars notes.

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