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Yes my GWC friends the time is here. You can now certify that you are in fact – a Sci-Fi geek. Amaze your friends with your ninja-like geek knowledge, save whales (specifically to avoid crazy alien probes that might show up and not leave before they speak to them) or generally prove without a shadow of a doubt your janky geek skills.

You will each receive a geek card. Everything you do or learn will be imprinted on this card. If you lose your card or fail to obey commands, you will be subject to immediate de-resolution. That will be all.

Seroiusly though. Download the jpg from here or hit me up via email for a larger one. Enjoy.

~ Also mad props to my homie Darthweef who remembered the entire Sark speech without cheating.

6 Responses to "GWC Geek Card"
  1. Darthweef says:

    indeed sean… in geek we trust… so say we all

  2. Sean O'Hara says:

    Wow, that was way faster than I thought anybody would get that! Bravo sir.

  3. Joe says:

    Firefly marathon on Scifi Channel!

  4. Jaz says:

    Thanks so much Sean!!! I think I’ve been “card-carrying” sci fi geek my whole life, but now I can prove it. Haha. Awesome!

  5. Glimfeather says:

    Wow, my Christmas shopping just got done. Thanks, Sean!

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