December 10, 2007

GWC Podcast #75

This week’s re-watch episode, Exodus, Pt. 2, bringsus some incredible SFX plus a lot of discussion, and we’re still reeling from Razor.Highlights: we missElleneven more thanthe first time ’round,continue theCain vs. Adama leadership style debate,question the necessity of Ellen’s sacrifice — and wonderagain if she knew what she was drinking — discuss Roslin’s role in this episode and later in season three, andtake a variety of listener calls.Â

One Response to "GWC Podcast #75"
  1. Max Peck says:

    You had to mention Zardoz in the podcast ( “Sean Connery in an orange diaper”)

    Just something for Audra, (kinda makes Cavel just a little less skeevey)

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