GWC Book Club’s December Read: Starship Troopers

All the votes are in, and GWCer's voted in a landslide to read Robert A. Heinlein's Hugo-winning novel, Starship Troopers -- a selection sure to spark lots of discussion.

Why? Heinlein is famous -- or maybe infamous -- for his unique combination of extreme socal and political views. Wikipedia describes 'Troopers as a novel in which Heinlein "examines moral and philosophical aspects of sufferage, civic virtue, the necessities of war and capital punishment, and the nature of juvenile delinquency," and in my personal reading experience, I'd say this is an accurate description. As you can imagine, the results of this examination prove somewhat incidiary.

More succinctly, it'll probably piss a lot of people off.

One thing's certain, though: it's a short read with a long discussion tail. Perfect for the GWC Book Club. (And no, watching the movie doesn't give you a feel for the book.)

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