November 18, 2007

GWC Podcast #72

In this massive last-before-new-content podcast we tackle the re-watch episode Exodus, Part 1 and the final ‘sode. Plus, we take a frakton of listener calls as promised. Highlights: we note how the first half of Exodus is just a big lead-up to the explosive second half, wonder why the Oracle and Hera don’t blow up the way we thought they would last time ’round, clarify skeevy vs. creepy vs. disturbing (read: Cavil, Doral, Leoben), appreciate Athena’s good shooting (for a Cylon, too!), consider the possibility that the Cylon in the museum case might be Larry, show our supoort for the writers’ strike, plead for a finale to Sean’s higher education, and try to remember the original Bionic Woman’s sleep number.

7 Responses to "GWC Podcast #72"
  1. Bob B says:

    Hey guys, first post, but long time listener.

    US Navy Rituals answer
    – crossing the date line – I have crossed the date line but we did nothing for it, though I know there is something, just never went through it
    There are two others that are significant
    – Shellback (Crossing the Equator)…do a google search and be horrified what we do to each other
    – Blue Nose (Crossing the Arctic Circle)…really restricted to submariners as no one else crosses the circle.

  2. Mr. B says:

    Hi guys, I have listened to all 72 podcast you’ve done so far (as well as the 2 DTA ‘casts) and I’ve gotta say I really look forward to hearing the banter each week. This is my first post so here goes.
    I was kind of surprised that you were so-so about Babylon 5. You want to talk about interestingly flawed characters, B5 is littered with them. Now it is true they don’t blow stuff up every episode, but the relationships between the characters grow and change through the entire run of the series. They also do great long story arcs that take characters through experiences that change them in unexpected ways. It does get a little melodramatic at times, but over all it is a series that I enjoyed and would recommend highly to any one who enjoys scifi.

  3. Pike says:

    I was big on B5 when it was on network, but lost track of it after that. I will say that it did seem like a good coral of interesting characters.

  4. LawyerBill says:

    B5 was a great sci-fi show! It had it all–flawed characters, political infighting, and passable special effects (for early CGI).

    And anyone who complains B5 didn’t have enough action must have missed the episonde where Sheridan crashed the WHITESTAR into the Shadow’s homeworld and set off two (yes two) 500 megaton bombs!

  5. Fire-breathing Chicken says:


    Larry had meat! Larry had meat!

    Freeze it on him right after he dies. (So sad.)

    He’s leaking MEAT!

  6. Tim Gillin says:

    Just out of interest, what web / blog publishing tool does GWC use?

  7. Robert says:

    Shellback (Crossing the Equator)… plus crossing the date line = Golden Shellback

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