The Video Game Pianist

Martin Leung is a classical pianist with a twist: he plays music from video games. And while the idea of hearing the themes from Mario Bro's first level on the piano may not sound exciting, I can personally tell you that it's not only exciting -- it's addictive. When GWC reader dxf turned me on to Martin via the GWC Forum, I downloaded some of his free recordings thinking I'd show 'em off to friends.

But a week later I'm still listening to them, Martin's performance often conjuring up images of something entirely different than the game from which the piece originated. The Video Game Pianist doesn't just bang out game themes. He interprets them in the same way he'd interpret Brahms or Debussy. The result is quite compelling.

Of course, now I'm really bummed that I missed Video Games Live when it came through Dallas. Doh!

The Video Game Pianist [Personal Site]

2 Responses to "The Video Game Pianist"
  1. Pike says:

    VGM (Video Game Music) is growing increasingly popular. You might also be interested in bands like Entertainment System and Powerglove. Check out my youtube site for some video of them in action at 16 Bit Genocide (an annual gamer culture show.)

  2. eyeless says:

    Wow, you guys are still VGM virgins?

    ^^Cure yourselves.


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