Viewers Approve Of Baltar’s Presidency?

Maybe it's the fact that during the week Roslin tried to steal the election her approval ratings dropped to an all-time low of 18% -- lower than President Bush! -- or maybe it's his wingwomen, but the results of last week's Presidential approval poll (co-inciding with Lay Down Your Burdens, Part Two) are somewhat startlining.

Viewers seem to approve of Baltar's first week as President -- at least 53% of them.

Could this represent an approval of Baltar's settlement plan? Or were viewers voting against Roslin more than for Baltar. Or are there just more Baltar lovers out there than we previously suspected? Only you know, as you're the people who voted. How  bout clueing us in a bit in comments?

30 Responses to "Viewers Approve Of Baltar’s Presidency?"
  1. Pegasus says:

    Your photos says it all – there is something Clinton-esque with Baltar

  2. RACEtracker says:

    It is an approval of Baltar\’s settelment plan. Roslin was also the only reason for Baltar\’s rise to power and had glowingly recommended him when he become VP. So from a regular person\’s point of view, Baltar was the man.

  3. dxf says:

    Baltar = Fredo

  4. r2d2 says:

    baltar legally voted in, baltar did not get new caprica nuked, roslin would have caved in just like baltar if she were prez just like lee said during trial

  5. tyrol-man says:

    baltar is a straight-shooter, he is only in it for himself – the very definition of an excellent politician. roslin is too scheming – she’s the one who suggested knocking off cain – she’s no better than baltar except she covers herself with the flag and pretends to be.

  6. RoslinShipper says:

    Baltar is the Albert Einstein of the colonies. Who cares what he does inside his ship. I wouldn’t care if there were 100 women in there. He is the smartest man around. He made the cylon detector. He was publicly praised by President Roslin while serving as Vice President. He was elected fairly by all the people. (Roslin never was elected and has been close to being a dictator, although I really liked Roslin up until New Caprica). Baltar did not let New Caprica get nuked. People were still better off on New Caprica than stuck in the ships. If the cylons never arrived, they probably would have made a big statue for President Baltar like for Abraham Lincoln. Baltar freed everyone from the floating cans in space. Even Laura had good memories before the cylons arrived. Roslin was voted down in the previous poll because she was going to steal the election! She says she believes in democracy but is the worst offender! Baltar wanted a fair trial while everyone else wanted him airlocked. We cannot have democracy only when convenient.

  7. Dave says:

    Look at his first ladies for cryin out loud!! 🙂

  8. Joey says:

    Baltar rocks
    Roslin sucks
    Wookies rock
    Jammer sucks
    Pegasus rocks
    Boxy sucks
    Tyrol rocks
    Tory sucks
    Millenium falcon rocks
    Star Trek shuttles suck

  9. Scar says:

    Chuck, Sean, Audra, if you had a choice to download to be either Gaius Baltar or Laura Roslin, who would you rather be? For Audra, I would mean a female version of Baltar. For Chuck and Sean, for Laura you could be…well whatever. So what’s the answer? Baltar or Roslin. Yeah, right.
    Now if you told the truth, who would you be? Yup, you’d be Baltar. Baltar may be going through giving and receiving a lot of crap just like Roslin, but he’s havin’ some fun doin’ it if you know what I MEEN. They are both not going to make it to Earth that is DEE FACT. So party like its 1999!

  10. Aerolonian says:

    I vote for Gaius because he’s from the Aerelon hood.
    Gaius and Laura are almost identical.
    Gaius is president. Laura is president.
    Gaius blew up Cloud 9. Laura blew up the Astral Queen (and let those other suckers in the mini-series get blown to hell – remember the girl with the flowers).
    President Gaius was doing the shagalicious. Laura was doing the shagalicious with President Adar.
    Gaius doesn’t give a !@#$ as president (I am busy with my women, go frak your union). Laura doesn’t give a !@#$ as president (oh we have it bad here on Colonial One. We get paper cuts everyday. We have it just as bad as those suckers, I mean citizens, in the Tyllium refinery.)
    Like I said, I vote for Gaius because he is from Aerolon hood.

  11. DocP says:

    Baltar is the man, then again I don’t think itll come as a surpraise that I think hes awesome.

    However trying to colonise a new planet instead of chasing what may or may not exist, with no guarentee that it will be inhabitable if it does exist certainly gets my approval.

  12. DeeFan says:

    Why did Roslin get trashed in the last vote? Three words: Never Elected Dictator
    Why did Baltar win the last vote? Was Elected President

  13. Agrippa2k says:

    You people are NUTS! We may agree that the results of the election were “fair” given the ignorance of the colonials to Baltar’s many deceptions and vile nature.

    Roslin will choose to do whatever will preserve what remains of the human race (should they reach Earth, she may decide to pass on by rather than subject us to the Cylon scourge – a vote for Roslin is a vote for Earth).

    Baltar only cares about himself – even at the risk of every human in the universe. He started with base treason or at least industrial espionage – he got the Colonials into this mess!

    Fake Cylon detector – result near assassination of Adama. Choosing support of New Caprica (which he know was illogical) then forced settlement. Giving a Nuke to a known terrorist and mentally deranged cylon – result destruction of half a dozen ships and the death of thousands, and a beacon to the cylons.

    Finally in the company of the cylons, who he recognized to be paranoid and insane – rather than use his great intellect to reform their goals, he cowered.

  14. eyeless says:

    Batlar is not a bad president. He has flaws, but he surrendered to the Cylons. Who knows what Roslin would have done.

  15. PiconTrooper says:

    Agrippa2k = Jammer
    As Roslin would say, “Frakkin’ airlock him!”

  16. dxf says:

    Holy hot-button issue! And Agrippa2k makes an excellent point — I think regardless of which side of the Baltar Fence you’re on: When it’s time for immediate self-preservation, Baltar’s a money-boss-player Super Genius. But when the Cylons showed up, he didn’t exactly step up his game.

  17. skid5 says:

    Good comments everyone! RoslinShipper makes the best point. You chaps are all spoiled because you get to see the inner workingfs of Colonial One. I voted based on being a member of the fleet. 99.999% of the citizens of the fleet don’t get any of this information. They actually do not care what happens behind closed doors in Colonial One just as in real life. All people can interpret are actions.

    #1 Laura Roslin was never elected president. In the future episode, she even made a side deal with Zarek to swap places. She was not even elected them. How would you like to see that happen in real life? I do not think you would accept that at all!!

    #2 Baltar is a SOB but so are most politicians. Their sole reason is to stay in power no matter what. Roslin is more effective in grabbing power as seen by her taking over the presidency later.

    #3 You can blame the bulk of what Baltar did on Roslin. If Roslin had not put Baltar into power in the first place for her own political means, Baltar would still be working in a lab. But no, Roslin has to promote Baltar as VP which allows him to become president. Her hands are as dirty as his.

    #4 Up until Roslin got defeated in the last election (so she got a pounding in the poll here mainly because she almost stole the election except Adama shoved it in her face. Oops, I am caught, I better not steal the election!)

    #5 From the point of view of 99.999% of the fleet survivors out there, Roslin is a dictator, although at times benevolent. But look at the squalor under her reign. Just look at the episode Black Market. Roslin also outlawed abortion. If it were not for Tyrol standing up, she would also left people working in the Tyllium factory and waste processing for the next 100 years.

    #6 People in the fleet voted for Baltar as president. They voted to settle on New Caprica. When things went bad, they blamed Baltar. Sounds like Iraq to me where most people were saying “Yeah, let’s go in and kick some ass!” If you ask the same people now, it’s “I was always against it even when I wanted us to do it.” Jerks.

    AND FINALLY…in the words of William Shatner…


  18. Hybrid Master says:

    Roslin makes me sick on New Caprica – particularly at the end of the Exodus episodes – sitting in Colonial One in Tom Zarek’s rightful seat.

  19. Audra says:

    Wow, this thread is pretty high temperature!

  20. Voice of Reason says:

    Why did I vote against Laura? It has nothing to do with being elected by the people or not. You can say that “oh Laura she has the best intention of her people. She is not to blame for Baltar’s action. That is such a slippery slope to blame Laura. Oh Laura had best intentions when she banned abortion. Oh she had no choice but to want to eliminate the tyrant Cain. Oh what distinguishes Laura from Baltar is her do the righteous thing for the people, in the name of the people, with justice for all.” This is such BS. You are doing a “I like Roslin, so that is enough for me.” BS argument. I voted against Roslin and Baltar because the only difference is this so called intention to do good for the people. I judge people by their actions. Hell is paved with good intentions. The actions that Roslin and Baltar did are damning. Roslin is as much a tyrant as Cain. Roslin is the one who told Adama to assassinate Cain. You can dress it up all you want, but those are the actions of a tyrant. Did Cain assassinate Adama? No. The only reason Cain was assassinated was because of Adama. Adama is the real hero. Roslin has created more mess than Baltar has. And if you say that Roslin can’t be blamed for Baltar’s action, then let’s see you say the same thing for the politician who gave rise to Hitler. All of their hands are dirty. Spare me the white gloves for Roslin.

  21. Roslin says:

    Hey, first time visitor/last time visitor. This site sucks. It is a lot better at battlestarwiki or galacticaquorum people.

  22. Pike says:

    Heh. I thought we finally had a troll, until I saw the name.

  23. Gryper says:

    I’m enjoying reading these comments….especially the ones that make Baltar sound like a savior….you guys are primed for Season 4 and the Cult of Baltar. Baltar=Fredo (Fredo?!?!) is my favorite so far.

  24. SwissBoy says:

    Looking at the vote totals from the last three polls, I see who wins the arguments here. I voted neutral by the way.

  25. Stryper says:

    Roslin = Maude

    Baltar = J.R. Ewing

  26. Tina says:

    Two words:


  27. Jason says:

    Please tell me this is a joke. Baltar, a better President than Roslin. Wow. I am starting to agree with the person who said this is all sexism and ageism. Roslin saved the a$$es of everyone on that fleet. ROSLIN. Baltar helped to annihilate the human race. Baltar. He traded in the human race for a piece of cylon booty. He was an egotripping bastard from day 1. In the mini he was giving an interview that clearly showed the mans true inner workings. Gauis Baltar is all for himself. From the moment the word came through the wireless that the colonies were gone, ROSLIN was self-less. Roslin was strong, and assertive. So much so that LEE gave her his utmost respect then and there. She made it her one and only purpose to get the remainder of the human race to safety. Adama said it plainly in HOME pt 2 that he, Lee and everyone else OWED THEIR LIVES TO ROSLIN. We are looking at this from the outside. We see what happened day to day on the colonial one and the galactica. And day after day, we have seen ROSLIN put the people BEFORE herself. She makes hard decisions for the survival of everyone. I am tired of people whining over her Presidency. Where the heck did this idea that she stole the presidency come from? Are we watching the same show? She was 43rd in line. Do you know what that means? It means IT WAS HERS FOR THE TAKING! She didnt NEED to be elected. She inherited that place. People keep crying about her not being elected, but I dont remember Bush being elected. Remember all those faulty votes? How quickly we forget. Anyway, my point is, ROSLIN gets my vote because ROSLIN would watch out for my a s s before her own. And please, Sean and Chuck, lay off the tylium ship workers and their meager existence, because the jerks in that scenario are the people who think they can complain when humanity is on the verge of extinction. Give me a frakkn break. There are less than 50,000 thousand humans left, and we are being chased by cylons and I don’t like my job…so who do I complain to. Screw that. And guess what, she ordered the abortion of HERA, and that didn’t pan out. She took Hera from her parents to raise her under the radar so the cylons would not know of her existence, and that didn’t work out. SO when the shite hits the fan in season 4, you’re all gonna be yelling at your TV’s…”You shoulda listened to Roslin.” You guys need to stop drooling over Gauis like he’s some messiah because he is nothing but a superficial, egomaniacal genius who sold out the human race twice. If he was a real man, he would have told DORAL to just shoot him. Maybe then I’d have respect for him. Get your priorities straight people. In the end Roslin is always better than that sorry excuse for a man.

  28. GreyGoose says:

    Voice of Reason, you have major mommy issues.


  29. Jason the Elder says:

    Yikes, another Jason! There are many copies!!!

    Just for the record, the above comments by Jason were not written by me, longtime-poster Jason from the forum with the brain-in-vat avatar.

    I do happen to agree with the other Jason model on most points, though I would have used a more diplomatic tone to make them. (2 out of 2 Jasons agree–now that’s a scientific poll!)

    I am, unlike the other Jason, sympathetic to the plight of the tylium miners, and I agree that bleak New Caprica is probably a step up for them. However, I object to them being used to justify one’s vote in the presidential poll on technical grounds: we are asked to vote given our feelings circa the current episode, and the whole debacle with Roslin and the tylium miners hasn’t happened yet. And what short memories we have: at the end of Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2, the miners are preparing to strike against the Baltar administration, so I don’t know how one could possibly argue that they approve of Baltar’s job performance.

    But hey, other Jason, if you’re going to be a regular poster, maybe you could distinguish yourself (e.g., Jason the Younger or Secondary Jason) so that folks can direct their flames to their proper targets. 🙂

  30. Tim Gillin says:

    I think a lot of us like the Baltar character because it is the ‘bad guy’ who makes a good show. If everyone were squeaky clean you’d end up with “the Brady Bunch in Outer Space”, it was Doctor Smith who made “Lost In Space”. Having Baltar as President is going to make for a great story. Having him elected ‘fair and square’ instantly creates moral and ethical dilemmas for the ‘good guy’ characters to test their mettle against.

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