November 5, 2007

GWC Podcast #70

This week we get another great ‘sode as well as one of the most heart-stopping episodes of the entire rewatch. Highlights: we let everyone know about this months GWC book club selection Ender’s Game and our latest non-Galactica rewatch Tron, wonder whether we saw the beginnings of human-appearing Cylons in the ‘sode, talk Halloween costumes, enjoy Baltar’s (misplaced) faith in Roslin’s fair election practices, discuss Western states, love on pre-breakdown Ally Sheedy, and discover that Audra knows her Police Academy.

One Response to "GWC Podcast #70"
  1. Fire-breathing Chicken says:

    Did you notice there was meat hanging out of Larry after his demise? Also, what was up with that vision Adama had? Is that what it is like to be a hybrid? Does goo make you have visions? Lastly, in ‘sode six, the blond woman behind the door sort of looked like number six. Was she the template for six?

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