No BSG Until April?

If you haven't read this LA Times Blog shocker yet, take a look. Just as we suspected, "2008" doesn't necessarily mean January. Apparently it means "April." From the Times Blog:

"Ronald D. Moore, the executive producer who runs "Battlestar Galactica," is gearing up for the long goodbye by taking on a new task. He will step into the director’s chair for the first time next season as his dramatic reinvention of the hokey 1970s’ space opera treks toward the end. The final 20-episode run will kick off in — you read it here first — early April."

At this point it also seems pretty certain that SciFi will interject a large mid-season break just like they did in season three, which means we probably won't see BSG wrap up until sometime in 2009.

Yes, it's frustrating. Infuriatingly so. But I hope most fans take it in stride, avoiding the easy-to-cop "that's it, I give up" attitude. I have a feeling that season four is going to be something great, even if we have to wait for it.

And don't worry: GWC isn't going away regardless of what SciFi does to BSG.

BSG Season Four Premieres In April [LA Times Blog]
Vent Your Frustrations [GWC Forum Thread]

32 Responses to "No BSG Until April?"
  1. perry ostrin says:

    with all due respect and i dig the positive vibe but it’s ok to just say FRAAAAKAKKKK! i feel better. c’mon i can tell all 3 of you wanna ..
    glad your not going anywhere!

  2. The33MinuteMan says:

    When I saw the announcement and read the year 2009, I checked it. It was not a typo (and, honestly, IGN TV could have saved me some time this evening had they clarified that). However, when I found that the announcement was exactly what it was, I found myself saying, “What the flying frak?!” Then, I realized just how large a part of my life that BSG has become.

    I travel a lot and have no television to speak of. I used the iTunes store and my iPod video for my downloads, wherever I was. Legally, heheh, I was going to have to wait until the DVDs came out to enjoy the final season anyway. Though, I am sad the wait will be elongated, some of us once waited 21 months for the Sopranos. We can wait a little longer for Galactica.

    However, this does make me happy that Jericho got renewed. Let’s hope they get the 4400 going again, too.

  3. Matt says:

    I’ll still be there to watch, but I do think the run a risk of loosing some viewers by waiting so long. For those interested (Chuck!) there’s a great article/interview with Gary Hutzel, the Visual Effects Supervisor on Galactica on the weblink below. Also, there’s a great image of the RGM version of the original Cylon centurion. Sweet!

  4. Matt says:

    I’m sorry, but that image at the top makes me have to post this as well….its a great way to vent via the web at this frustrating news….turn up your volume for full effect.

    Easily one of the best websites ever made.

  5. Solai says:

    You know…I feel so beaten up already regarding the start of BSG this has made no impact. Slightly resigned on this and frankly wouldn’t be surprised if it was pushed again.

    Is this anyway to treat an audience?

  6. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    Solai, I’m with you. Resigned to watch Skiffy frak with us in order to milk BSG for as long as they can. I can’t say that I blame them, considering the ‘quality’ of the rest of their offerings, but damn. . . still hurts. At least we get Razor.

    Matt, that Khan site was hillarious.

  7. Dave says:


    What kills me is that SciFi cant even give a legitimate reason for it. Thjere’s no strike yet or anything. The audience is there…

    Like Solai, I’ve been kicked around so much on this, I wish I could say I’m really shocked. I’m just angry and dissapointed.

    However, let’s see if we can turn this lemon into lemonade…this does give us some time to prep for a massive meeting in Vegas – and we should have a date that will giev us enough time to make reservations….

    Just sayin’

  8. Luc says:

    Yeah, I’ll watch it when it comes up. I’m looking forward to it. I do not blame in the least the creative team behind the show. They deserve a better network behind them, not this joke of a 2 bit organization.

    They are trying to get better programming and when they do get a quality show, that is the way they treat it and it’s fans? I would not invest one dime on Skiffy…

    For what it’s worth though, my opinion of Skiffy is to say the least in the crapper.

  9. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    Dave. . . wouldn’t it be cool if we could hold a frakk party in vegas for the S4 premiere? Like you said, we have the time, so maybe we can pull a little bit of $$ together to rent out a place to screen it. Hm. . . .

  10. EnoNomi says:

    “Skiffy” I love it. Tigh’s Eyepatch, did you coin that?

    Anyway, Skiffy should be kicking back some change to the GWC crew for keeping me, and I would guess others, still motivated and excited about this show. Other shows that pull this craaaap I end up saying screw it, I’ll wait for the DVD’s to come out so I can watch it all at once.

  11. Kappa says:

    Matt, thanks for the link. The “all hell is going to break loose” part has me especially excited.

    EnoNomi, I completely agree. Without GWC, BSG would have gone on the back-burner for me a long time ago. Keep up the excellent work, guys!

  12. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    Ha ha, gods no, EnoNomi. The term has been around, I think it was first coined on the now-defunct Skiffy forums. ‘Skiffy’ is what people say when they want to differentiate between ‘Sci-Fi’ as in ‘The Sci-Fi Channel’, and ‘sci-fi’ as in an abbreviation for ‘science fiction’.

    Although if you talk to hard-core fans, they’ll blanch at referring to ‘science-fiction’ as ‘sci-fi’. They much prefer ‘SF’, because it can stand for ‘science-fiction’ or ‘speculative fiction’, which encompasses the fantasy genre as well. Then again, some people go as far as to say ‘SF/F’ (science-fiction/fantasy). I personally coudn’t care less on this last point, but ‘Skiffy’ is useful for diferentiating between the genre and the tv channel.

  13. Number 13 says:

    Well, I guess the good news is that the end of BSG is that much farther away.

  14. Pike says:

    TE, thanks for that. It never occured to me that there’s a practical reason for the ‘skiffy’ nickname.

  15. LawyerBill says:

    I think I can put together a class action lawsuit on behalf of Fans vs. Sci-Fi for intentional infliction of emotional distress!

  16. Steve says:

    And here I thought calling the Sci-Fi Channel “Skiffy” was derogatory in nature. At least, that’s the way I use it.

    Never heard science-fiction referred to as SF, that seems to be used mostly in reference to special forces units, but then, I’ve probably been watching too much SG-1.

  17. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    “Never heard science-fiction referred to as SF”
    I hadn’t either until I started working at a science fiction publisher, which is where I learned about all of the above nomenclature issues.

    And you’re right, people do also use ‘Skiffy’ as a derrogative term, especially these days. Lots of BSG fans in the office….

  18. Craig says:

    Frak indeed – means an even longer ‘legal’ wait for us Brits !

    Whilst I was surfing around for some BSG Razor news and broadcast info for Season 4, I noticed all the speculation about this possible writers strike over there and it got me wondering. Some postings suggested that the likes of NBC may have to fill schedules with content from in-house and perhaps BSG may get a network airing.

    Now, would there be a possibility that a network airing might be so successful that they consider extending the series beyond a 4th season and that a delayed start date for season 4 may be their way of hedging bets. Maybe I am being way too optimistic and reading too much into it but hey, wouldn’t it be ‘awesome’, to coin a phrase !

  19. Audra says:

    I’m with Dave on this one – even though I’m disappointed yet again, I’d rather us band together and keep our AWEsome community rolling rather than let this news get us down. 🙂

    We (The GWC crew) won’t give up talking about the show or putting our all into the podcasts. This blog/forum has proven to be the gathering point for smart, funny, civil discussion, and we shall rage, RAGE against the dying of the light. So say we all!

  20. Starbuccaneer says:

    This is especially sad news considering that I spent much of my rainy day at work watching the season 4 promo and got really psyched up for it. Also, I bet it will be hard to get the actors all excited for interviews and such at the end of the series if they’ve actually moved on a year ago. : (

  21. clipper says:

    I’m very disappointed. If they need more time to give the final season quality and polish, its worth waiting for April. But I find the thought of another split season to be very disappointing.

    One of the things that makes BSG so great is the momentum, the way they suck you in and play with you; who is a cylon who isn’t, who is dead who is going to die, what the frak does THAT mean. Splitting the season erodes that experience. I just want the series finale to be as good as it can possibly be and splitting the final season, spreading it too thin will take away from that.

    Will I watch it, of course.. will I be happy, of course, am I still going to get my BSG tattoo… maybe. On the other hand, you never know what to believe and not to believe even from the mouth of Ron Moore. Who knows what they might have up their sleeve.

    … at the door just waiting to let the cat in.

  22. Starbuccaneer says:

    Tigh’s Eyepatch, lucky you! I *wish* there were BSG fans in my office… it’s higher ed so you would think we’d have more geeks. Sadly, it’s just me and the graduate student researcher who really loves comic books. Le sigh.

  23. Bring in the cat says:

    Oh, for the love of the Lords of Kobol! They’re killing me.

  24. Teresa says:

    They did lose a viewer, Me, I know I am only person. I didnt mind waiting till January but this is getting ridiculous, I’ve had it with BSG! It’s getting boring and I dont want to watch it anymore!

  25. dxf says:

    Poopy news. But you know what’s worse than waiting for more Battlestar? Having no more Battlestar to wait for.

  26. Hybrid Master says:

    Just catching up on the site/podcasts/threads after being away for over a month……one thing IS for sure – I totally agree – if it weren’t for GWC, I would have left this show behind long ago…..April!!!! With a mid-season break?!!!!

    The Season 4 promo is driving me crazy!!!! I can’t wait to see what it is Saul is doing that is making Adama question him. Will Starbuck still have the Farm scar or does she have a whole new body?

    Now, not to beat a dead horse, and mind you I’ve been out of the BSG loop for quite some time, but it does seem to me that it WOULD be possible to see all of the constellations in the Earth sky at once. Maybe not on this Earth, but in the BSG-universe Earth.

  27. Fenatic says:

    The thing that gets me is that even though they are pushing it back farther, they still haven’t said if it is going to have a mid year break. I would be Ok with it if instead of starting in January and breaking they said the would go through the whole season starting in April. But it looks like that’s not even going to be the case. And like Dave said, they don’t give a reason at all.

    If I had to guess, its because ol’ Skiffy cancelled a bunch of their other shows, (SG-1, Painkiller Jane, The Dresden Files) and they need to pad out their schedule.

  28. dxf says:

    ps. If Sci-Fi’s so hot to have BSG on for another two-three years, maybe ORDER ANOTHER FRAKKIN’ SEASON? It’s probably too late, but I thought I’d just put that out there…

  29. Gray says:

    This is enormously irritating.

    I have a life to lead, Sci Fi!

    Why must you drag me along in this manner?

  30. Bonnie Dean says:

    We the viewers, are the fools that have perpetuated this nonsense. I know you won’t have the courage to print this but we should all boycott RAZOR to tell the powers that be how we feel about constant delays.

    I for one am done with your series and your delays.

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