October 24, 2007

GWC Podcast #68

This week’s rewatch episode, Downloaded, marks a turning point for the series in many ways. Add to that a killer Razor Flashback and a season four trailer and we’ve got a lot to talk about. Highlights: we wrangle ’round about young Adama’s blue contacts, notice his suspiciously clean Viper, marvel at how real the old-style raiders seem, wonder who Roslin’s shooting at in the trailer, debate the true Cylon-ness of the “final four,” wonder who the last Cylon might be, talk at length about the Cylon “war heroes” and how their movement (no matter how possibly well-intended) ends up bad for the Colonials, miss the incredible Head Baltar, and ask big, big questions.

One Response to "GWC Podcast #68"
  1. Viper209 says:

    Note on the mention of the Columbia destruction in the ‘sode.

    That scene where Columbia is breaking up and Husker has the ‘open’ line reminded me of the scene in Memphis Belle where the copilot was back pestering the tail gunner to allow him to shoot the guns and attempt to get at least one kill. After nailing a kraut, the plane he hit goes into a spinning dive and cuts directly through the tail section of another B-17 in the group. The sounds of the crew of the other plane screaming and ultimately getting lost in radio wash was probably one of the most frightening sounds I think I’ve heard in a movie.

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