Thanks For All The Fish!

I hate traveling. Leaving my home-base area is pretty much the last thing on my list of stuff I want to do. Life however does not allow for me to be a hermit which is how the entire GWC crew headed down to Maker Faire in Austin this weekend.

While setting up at the fair grounds in Austin – wondering what kind of strange people would be in the spaces adjacent to us – a guy walks over with a firm handshake and broad smile and tells me his name is Troy. I introduce myself and his face breaks into a grin and tells me that he listens to the GWC podcast and is in the space directly across from us. I think to myself at that moment that this isn’t going to be so bad after all with a fellow Sci-Fi geek to hang with. I was right.

As it turns out it was frakken sweet. Over a beer later that night Troy and I talk at length about our many similar interests and views on quite a few unrelated BSG topics. Though the weekend went quickly and we all had to man our various battle stations it was always a bit comforting to know we were among friends.

After a quick farewell, (Troy had to catch a flight and we had to get on the long road back to Dallas) I was in the car driving home thinking about how cool it is that every time we meet a GWC listener, they are completely awesome. So mad props to my homie Troy -I saw tons of cool stuff over the weekend but hanging with a fellow geek made the trip totally worth it.

There are many stories that I’m sure you’ll hear on the upcoming podcast but I thought I would take this opportunity to say, “YA’LL FRAKKEN ROCK!”


5 Responses to "Thanks For All The Fish!"
  1. Solai says:

    As a listener, we thank you for your warm compliment of, “YA’LL FRAKKEN ROCK!” I think we can alter that slightly and make a bumpersticker/t-shirt to parody a heavy metal rock band:


    2. Or go with Y’all Fraggle Rock. You know, for kids.

  2. boxy says:

    yes, yes we do rock
    great title too

  3. Wil says:

    For a second there, due to the title, I thought you were leaving the podcast!

  4. Troy says:

    Thanks Sean… I was worried about what I was getting myself into! What are the odds of a guy from Lancaster, PA flying to Texas and getting a booth across from you guys. It made a crazy weekend a lot of fun.


  5. Raemani says:

    Troy – if you are in Lancaster you are not too far from a group of about 7 or 8 GWC fans known in these parts as the Philly Crue….if your ever out this way let us know – or check the forums – we get together about once a month to every 6 weeks or so.

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