Transformers DVD/HD-DVD On Shelves Today!

As you've probably heard, we're big fan's of Michael Bay's live-action Transformers movie. We've seen it a few times in the theaters, but tonight we get to check it out in the comfort of the GWC lair, firing up the theater (and subwoofer) for some ground-pounding robot-saving-the-world action. That's right: the movie hits shelves for consumers today in DVD and HD-DVD formats.

It looks like we'll find two versions -- a no-extras single-disc version and a two-disc "special edition" when we straggle into our local shop at lunch today. Personally, I'm going to spring for the SE set, because I'm betting the "making of" material will be incredible. Amazon currently lists the plain-jane version for $15, the SE DVD for $23, and the SE HD-DVD for $28.

Anyway, get thee to the store (or rental center if you're not loaded right now) to get another look at this great flick -- this time with the freeze-frame remote in hand.

Update: Sean and I are on our way out the door to pick up our copies at lunch, and we're going to rewatch it tonight. We added a rewatch thread over on the forum if you want to get in on the fun.

SE DVD Via Amazon [What's this?]
SE HD-DVD Via Amazon [What's this?]

5 Responses to "Transformers DVD/HD-DVD On Shelves Today!"
  1. Gryper says:

    Ordered my copy from Amazon about an hour ago. 🙂

  2. Darthweef says:

    Picked mine up at Best Buy 15 minutes ago… Woot!

    Spent the last three days playing The Transformers game on xBox 360.. if you haven’t played it… Run, don’t walk, and pick it up… KICKS ASS!!!

  3. Sean O'Hara says:

    We just got back from Best Buy as well. It’s funny there were a ton of guys at check out and all of them had Transformers DVD’s in their hands. Young and old nerd or suit, everybody had to have some Transformers hotness today.

    It was funny Best Buy knew it too. They had the display stand full of the DVD’s and the HD DVD’s in the front right by the door as you come in. It was like in the movies when angels sing and a light comes down from above.

    I lept upon my SE copy like a hungry puma.


  4. Miguel says:

    I’m getting the HD-DVD tomorrow. I cannot wait to see Megan Fox in HIGH DEFINITION!!! Oh, and I’m sure the robots will look good too.

  5. Bob The Heavy Raider says:

    What I didn’t know, since I buy all my DVDs online, is various stores have different versions of the DVD packaging. Check out this article:

    I know the article is complaining about having to buy more than one copy to get all the cool toys, but I still want a transforming DVD case!

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