Frak Party: Razor Flashback #1

Don’t miss tonight’s Razor Flashback, described by SciFi as “the best two minutes on television” and described by GWC’s own Number 13 as “the first new BSG material since SPRING!” It’s embedded in tonight’s new Flash Gordon airing.

Various sources indicate that the Flashback will appear on SciFi’s website immediately after broadcast, but considering the BSG community’s generall-negative view toward Flash — and how we sometimes had a hell of a time streaming the Minisodes previously on release day — I think I’m going to actually TiVo Flash to make sure we get it.

Regardless, feel free to comment here, or to join the frak party over on the GWC Forum as you wait for — and hopefully see — the Flashback.

Razor Flashback #1 Frak Party [GWC Forum]

8 Responses to "Frak Party: Razor Flashback #1"
  1. joe says:

    I really liked it. Not a lot happened, but then I’m just chalking that up to it being a set up scene for Young Bill Adama. I will say that the actor Nico Cortez is perfect for the role. He had Olmos’s mannerisms down and looked enough like both EJO and Bamber to be believable. Can’t wait for more…especially the action stuff. Glad they had more of a budget than the previous Resistance webisodes. I would say yes to a prequel series with Cortez as Young Adama.

  2. Grand Puba says:

    Does this mean that the “episode that shall not be named” can be retired from the “…all episodes up to and including the latest episode which is…”


  3. Grand Puba says:

    Is the flashback on youTube yet? as being a resident outside of the USA I am unable to see the Flashbacks on the SC-Fi website

  4. Boxytheboxed says:

    Damn Adamas a pimp

  5. Solai says:

    Nah…he is more of a jive turkey with a side of whuparse

  6. Grand Puba says:

    Thanks Pike

  7. Dave says:

    “Billy” Adama is a true P-I-M-P. Cortez is perfect. And is it just me, or can the girl pass for Six’s sister? Hmmmmmm

    Anyway…as much as I loved seeing it, it made me miss BSG all that much more

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