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If you love reading sci-fi as much as watching it, there’s nothing more fun than meeting someone who introduces you to a new story — or better yet, an author who’s written many, many stories that you can read over the next months (or years) of your life. Well, now you can meet dozens of people like that — your friends in the GWC community.

This week we added a special new area to the GWC Forum where we can all participate in selecting a new book for each month of the year. In a separate forum in the new ‘club space you can discuss the current (or a past) book with everyone else who’s reading it. We’ll post the books here, too,so you can participate even if you’re not a forum denizen.

We’re looking forward to seeing your suggestions — and I certainly plan on reading more than just the ones that become “book of the month.”

For details, check out the Book Selection and Group Read Discussion areas over on the forum.

4 Responses to "GWC’s Book Club"
  1. Tanu says:

    Yet another awesome idea by the GWC gang!

  2. Browncoat_Bryan (aka McFrakkin) says:

    Sweet!! I just started reading “Dune”. I REALLY HATE the movie, now. I thought it sucked before, now it really is BAD.

  3. Dave says:

    The Dune series was pretty good, but I really like God Emperor of Dune best.

  4. Mike P says:

    That really is an awesome idea! Count me in!

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