September 23, 2007

GWC Podcast #64

This week’s BSG rewatch brought Black Market, reviled by most fans who label it a “filler.” We actually like it — kinda. We also launched GWC’s new forum and store this week, and spent a bit of the podcast bringing GWC’s standard punch. Highlights: we note the shortest command in BSG history (Fisk’s, which is announced in the “previously” tag and doesn’t last through the credits), discuss Lee’s reasons for offing the mob boss and paying for love, consider Lee’s failed attempt to intimidate Baltar, remember that we’re getting ready to enter the “Helo Era” where he fills every rank and role on Galactica, bring up a tiny bit of Final Fantasy (“You don’t see many ‘Crappy Story VII’ games, man.”), learn that Audra’s not into short guys and that Sean’s weakness is Trinity pleather, hear Audra’s stock MST3K comment for Star Trek’s too-clean caves, wax poetic about action figures and fire, (mis)quote Abraham Lincoln, and talk about bare-midriffed stormtroopers. BTW: Don’t miss our group re-watch of Buckaroo Banzai over on the forum.

13 Responses to "GWC Podcast #64"
  1. Chuck says:

    Remember, you can also discuss this podcast in its thread over on GWC’s Forum.

  2. master1228 says:

    I’m going to keep it old school at first and stick with the comment section.

    First off, do you think that “the girl,” as Papa Adama calls her in the end, does anyone think that she was already pregnant with Lee’s child and that when she told him, he got real scared and he emotionally ran away from her, leading to her physically running away from him (as we see in the flashbacks) or do most people believe that she just brought up the idea of having a baby, causing him to rock her world with disappointment?

    I thought it was funny though how Roslyn called Baltar into her office, thanked him again for saving her life, then almost immediately, essentially asked for his resignation in a very similar way to the way Adar asked for hers in the flashback from the previous episode, to which, Baltar handled pretty similarly (if not just more defiant) to the way Roslyn handled it back on Caprica. The entire time though, Roslyn gives no real reason why she thinks he should resign in the first place.

    Thanks for saving my life, now get out of my administration… please, for your own good…

    Oh, and how does Dee pine for Lee while she’s with Billy? This episode shows the first signs of her feelings toward Lee while she is still with Billy (when he’s helping her with her workouts toward the end). I hope he’s the 5th cylon, just so I could see the look on Roslyn’s face when she’s both happy to see him again, then once the realization hits as to what he really is…

  3. Chuck says:

    I always assumed that “the girl” was already pregnant and told Lee about the child. Though now that I really think about it, we don’t *know* that, do we?

    As for Roslin’s Adar-like actions, I get the feeling that the writers are trying to show us that’s she’s growing into the presidency — that she’s being forced to look at things in a presidential way, which means doing things she doesn’t want to do — and turning to the only real role-model she has for the job, which is Adar, whom as Adama reminded us earlier, “is a moron.”

    And while I agree with her motives, I think some of her recent actions are setting the fleet up for the occupation.

  4. Audra says:

    Interesting – I always assumed that the girl was not pregnant, but that she was ready to make a life-time commitment to Lee (marriage, kids) and the idea scared him. It’s interesting to consider how it would be different if she was already pregnant – an even more devastating loss when the Cylons attacked the colonies.

  5. Peter says:

    Hey Audra, I totally recall Felix the Cat – with his bag of tricks, and sidekick Poindexter. What a great show! Must have been a NorthEast thing…

  6. Gryper says:

    Wasn’t there a scene in the flashback where it showed her putting her hand on her stomach while talking with Lee….I thought that inferred that she was pregnant.

  7. Kappa says:

    master1228: I never thought I would say this, but I would love it if Billy were the final Cylon. Every time I see him during the re-watch, I miss him more and realize how much not having him around has hurt Roslin. Maybe he didn’t stand up to her very often, but I think Roslin might have thought a little bit harder about her reasons for doing some of the things she does in Season 3 if Billy was around asking why (even if she didn’t necessarily have to answer him, since she’s president). And hey, if the whole theory of the Final Five being placed in positions so they’re right next to the people in power holds true, Billy could very well be the fifth; maybe the plan really was for *Billy* to be the one close to the president, and before Billy got shot, Tory was kind of a “spare” Cylon who was meant to step in if one of the others was killed. Granted, not sure how she would’ve gotten close to the other powerful people if any of the others besides Billy were eliminated–maybe as a femme fatale? Just a thought…

  8. Jason says:

    You’re going to laugh at this, but I actually had a dream in which Billy was revealed to be the final Cylon. It’s the only BSG-related dream I’ve ever had (or remember having anyway), and within the dream I was like, “Yes, of course! It has to be Billy! It makes so much sense!” Then I woke up and was like, um, maybe not. But now Kappa has got me thinking, maybe my unconscious was on the the right track after all.

  9. Starbuccaneer says:

    Actually, I read an interview with Paul Campbell in which he said that he would be happy to come back to the show as a Cylon. This was from a long while back. Maybe Billy could come back as the fifth FF and covertly off Torry and Dee! In one fell swoop he could get rid of the 2 most obnoxious characters, make room to take his rightful place at the President’s side, and get revenge for the wrongs perpetrated on him by his inconstant lover.

  10. Pike says:

    That was… beautiful. *wipes tear*

  11. Boxytheboxed says:

    first:i hate dumb girls, i just want to smack them acroos the face…most of the time
    second:i go to the library all the time, i even volunteer there, i read to little kids and all
    ha, you have been spited

  12. Dave says:

    eeeeeeasy there Boxey

  13. Boxytheboxed says:

    when they say something stupid i sometimes want to….that applies to guys too
    dumb people generaly annoy me

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