September 17, 2007

GWC Podcast #63

Happy 1st birthday, GWC! And we’d like to especially extend these birthday greetings to all of you who’ve stuck around and made GWC what it is through your calls and messages. This week we take a moment to talk about the recent upgrades to the website and blog, but — most importantly — get down to some serious talk about Epiphanies. Highlights: we discuss Roslin’s unpopular choice to abort the Hylon, marvel at how the Colonial peace movement is headed by a Cylon, consider Baltar’s interactions with head-Six and Gina as evidence for and against head-Six’s physical presence, and take one of our favorite calls this year in which a caller describes Tigh as the Dr. Cox of BSG. Don’t miss the late-cast discussion of why comic books rule (and why the crew’s going to re-watch Buckaroo Bonzai sometime soon).

57 Responses to "GWC Podcast #63"
  1. The Alpaca Herder says:

    The podcast feed appears broken in Bloglines. Did the RSS feed’s related XML file(s) move spots that was not accounted for?

    I’ll have to try a manual download later using a workshop PC then.

  2. Solai says:

    Well folks, I think I am officially addicted to your podcast. To set the stage, I am on the East coast up in Connecticut. I was winding down after a long weekend of chores, and of course, listening to all the podcasts in order from the beginning. I have made it up to -glances at his Ipod- episode 41. However, what interested me was not the old episodes but the knowledge that episode 63 was due out this very day. I came downstairs and at nearly midnight hit refresh on Itunes and watched the orange whisps dancing around the various podcasts searching for updates.

    Alas, there was no new Watercooler.

    I went to bed and right before falling asleep I recalled you were in Texas, so there still might be hope of a fresh episode prior to my commute. I awoke the next morning and on my way to the shower turned on my computer. On the way from the shower to the bedroom to get changed I logged in and opened Itunes. I got dressed and with Ipod in hand checked the GWC queue.

    Nothing. Zip. Niente.

    I glanced at my watch and realized I had about two minutes to grab my briefcase and get to the station. Before shutting down my computer I hit the “refresh” button in Itunes and my heart stopped…GWC #63 appeared and started downloading.

    I quickly considered my options…wait for the podcast to download and miss my train or leave and endure an hour long commute knowing I could be listening to fresh content but would have to wait until tomorrow to listen. However, I couldn’t miss my train because of downloading a Galactica podcast. Or could I? After glancing at my Blackberry and confirming there were no pressing meetings or Firedrills my choice became clear.

    I went to the kitchen and brewed a cup of coffee. Work could wait. Galactica Watercooler could not.

    Thank you for a tremendous podcast. Be warned, not publishing it may effect the GDP of our nation.

    Looking forward to Buckaroo Bonzai. As a fan of Enterprise (bring on your slings and arrows!) Did you know your main man is featured prominently at the tail end of the series?

    Stay shiny. So say we all.

  3. Starbuccaneer says:

    I *hate* how Six says “nucular” instead of nuclear! It has bothered me since the miniseries, when Caprica Six tells Baltar that the Cylons are bombing the planet (and he lets out that hilarious and realistic yelp). Has any Six other than Caprica Six and Head Six ever said the word? If so, and she says it wrong, I think that lends credence to the view that Tricia Helfer says the word wrong and can’t be made to say it right. I find it hard to believe, though, that RDM, Eick, and the episode directors didn’t bitchslap that out of her. I could see them asking Tricia to say it wrong for one of the semi-distinct characters she plays… but not for all of them. I am near certain that Sharon and possibly other models have said it correctly, so it’s not a Cylon race thing. I know this is wicked nitpicky and about 30% of Americans say “nucular” but the truth is that my 2nd favorite podcast if Grammar Girl, soooo…

  4. dave says:

    I’ll make comments abotu teh ‘cast later – but wantd to share some BSG info..

  5. Pike says:

    As a big round glasses wearing guy, I’d just like to say, “Hey!” (Actually, they’re hard to find these days. All anyone sells are those weeny little eurotrash glasses.)

    Good on Stroogie for that song. Bravo. And before I forget, poster, Sean!

  6. Solai says:

    -weepy eyed, fairly freaky pathetic heart wrentching voice ON-


    -weepy eyed, fairly freaky pathetic heart wrentching voice OFF-

  7. Number 13 says:

    Another great podcast. And again, happy anniversary/birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s 1999… dunt dun, dunt da, 1999.

    And Topgun- You’re wrong! I’ve heard rumors that they’re going to a re-watch of Battlestar 1980. It’s true. B1980 has beat BSG S3 to DVD.

  8. Shaymus22 says:

    Happy birthday GWC!

  9. Starbuccaneer says:

    I know this is craaaaapppp but post-podcast I can never remember if something was a Sean comment or a Chuck comment… whichever one of you it was, I just want you to know that I caught the “Doc Cottle abstains… courteously” reference. 1776 = best musical of the 1970s and best fictionalization of the Founding Fathers, hands down.

  10. Dave says:

    First—HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Freakin loving the new site and additions. It’s your b-day and we got the present. Thanks for all your work….I think I can speak for everyone here that all your work (doing the ‘casts, refurbishing the site, etc.) is loved and appreciated. Thank you VERY much.

    Second, Buckaroo Banzai sounds great to review. Same with Blade Runner. Also, the Trek series would be good as well. And Firefly would be freakin SWEET. Same with comics…I’ve gotten back into them as well (the writing on many of them now is far better than it ever was when I was a kid)

    Third, hearing “nuclear” mis pronounced – yeah, makes my skin crawl. Almost as much as mispronouncing “Millenium FALCON”. 🙂

    Fourth, loved the way when Head Six popped up, Baltar was like “ummm, which one are you again?” heh heh heh


  11. Solai says:

    I will throw myself at the mercy of all of you by declaring I officially do not know what the frak you are talking about. Falcon? Fulcan? Fowlcan? I was thinknig about going back and watching the movies to hear it with my own ears, but I of course trust you all. I just can’t believe I have been with this movie for 30 years and this is the first time I have ever heard the proper pronounciation is “Fowlcan.”

    Feeling slightly puzzled.

    Anywho, to continue my tangent, I could find no proof to back up the pronunciation claim, but I found this nugget which is a fairly amazing crossover…did you know the Can of fowls appears in Blade Runner?

    “If you want to pick out the Falcon in that Hero Spinner landing sequence, look at the first of the two separate model shots making up that scene. The Millennium Falcon is right in the mid-foreground of the frame. In fact, the camera flies right over it during the beginning of that first shot. Just look for this little flashing blue Pan Am sign in the upper left of the frame at the start of that first shot, before the Hero Spinner starts coming in for a landing. The big, dark pointy building dead center in the foreground is the Millennium Falcon.”

    I seriously feel like someone is playing a prank on me regarding how you say it. Now I have to double check you I say nuclear.

  12. Sean O'Hara says:

    Starbuccaneer, I swear you must be the only one outside of 4 people I know who has ever seen that. My hats off to you! One of my favorite quotes from Adams was:

    I’ll not be in the history books. Only Franklin. Franklin did this, and Franklin did that, and Franklin did some other damn thing. Franklin smote the ground, and out sprang General Washington, fully grown and on his horse. Then Franklin electrified him with that miraculous lightning-rod of his, and the three of them–Franklin, Washington, and the horse–conducted the entire War for Independence all by themselves

    To this day I can still do the whole speech 😉 Love it, love it.

  13. Boxytheboxed says:

    what do you mean deleted calls
    I wrote a depressing happybirthday song, and sung it
    and called in about something else…..cant remember……and had a FIREFLY themed intro
    frakking website frak tards

  14. StevieSpin says:

    BSG, Madonna, and Margaret Cho all in one podcast. You helped make a really rough morning at the office a lot sunnier =)

    Audra earned big brownie points with her PHD level defense of Madonna too 😉


  15. Dag68 says:

    I’m about halfway through #63 after a drive tonight and I had some musings on Lee after listening to the gang talk about how he is changing. He has been, like Helo, he guy who is tortured by right from wrong or by conflicting rights and does something about it. He differs from Helo in that Helo tends to take action that addresses the wrong but doesn’t adress the wrong do-er (for example – killing the infected cylon(s)). Lee on the other hand confronts issues in a fairly up front way.

    I think Lee’s inner conflicts arise as he keeps finding himself between his military duty to follow orders (or personal loyalties) and his highly developed sense of morality. He usually manages to battle it out with himself and do the right thing. I think often the military rigidity has given him an environment that helps him work it out. Where us civvies might be paralyzed into inaction by the type of conflicts he has faced, his rank and duties have forced him to move forward through a situation and dictated a clear direction direction. He may discover it is the wrong course, and change direction but only because he has not been paralyzed and unable to get past the initial conflict. Lee keeps going because he has to and works it out as things continue to develop.

    Baltar is an excellent example of someone who can’t face that kind of dillema. The only way he gets out of them is by finding his own interest and following it. He’s a terrible leader because unless his own interests are directly threatened he is unable to address any problem.

    I think you guys may be right that Lee is moving away from military life now. It no longer serves him well and he not able to follow orders without question. More and more often he finds himself having to disobey orders or break with what duty dictates. We’ve been watching him grow and figure out how to deal with his world and now it is time for him get beyond the confines of the military. His skills, leadership and sense of justice may take him to a position where his sense of right doesn’t conflict with his job, to a position where speaking out for what he thinks is right is the job. I think that position is the first elected leader since the attack on the colonies and the replacement for the “dying leader”. President Adama! Is there anyone else really strong enough to fill Laura Roslin’s shoes? Just think Audra, He could wear a suit every day!

    PS: Nuclear (unquestionably) and Fowlcan (just like the maltese one)

  16. Adriana says:

    Has anyone else had trouble trying to download the podcast from iTunes or is my computer just evil? Because if it just my computer, I think I may have found an early cylon.

  17. Phil says:

    Dag68- I completely agree that Apollo, would be the clear heir to Roslin were the RTF forced to continue the search for Earth for many years. Similarly, I figure that Helo is actually the heir to Adama as the appropriate commander of the military. He has both the military, tactical and leadership experience, as well as the moderating political abilities that characters like Tigh and Starbuck lack. Its funny that both characters seem to engender such strong and conflicting feelings by the fans.

    Adriana- I don’t think its just you. Since last week I can no longer download podcasts or view the website from work. Luckily (for me and my boss), I can still do both from home.

  18. Audra says:

    Stroogie, your song ROCKS! Thanks a bunch! And thanks Solai and others for all the support and kind words about the podcast/blog. Y’all’re the greatest.

  19. Dag68 says:

    I had to unsubscribe and re-subscribe before I could get the new casts.

  20. Dag68 says:

    @ Phil
    You are right about Helo, although he isn’t quite there yet, he’s weak on leadership He needs to figure out how to come to terms with conflicting responsibilities. I think he needs more time in a command role.

    What will happen when/if earth is found? Does Galactica turn around and fight the cylons with the help of earth?

  21. Armando says:

    ” You’re wrong! I’ve heard rumors that they’re going to a re-watch of Battlestar 1980. It’s true. B1980 has beat BSG S3 to DVD.

    Oh dear gods, say it ain’t so! That show is like the “Star Wars Holiday Special:” the less we talk about it/see it, the better. Then again, as far as BSG is concerned I’d rather that the ENTIRE original series be completely forgotten, other than as a piece of Gen-X nostalgia, I suppose.

    So I guess they’re holding out on season 3 till just before season 4 comes out? Frakers!

  22. Armando says:

    On another matter: though I haven’t heard the podcast yet (catching up on the road later today, and right now I have just enough time to do a quick catch up on the site at work, since I can’t access it from home now) and I’m behind on the re-watch, I did get to catch “Epiphanies” yesterday and was struck by one thing I never noticed before. It always seemed to me, the first time through, that season 2 sort of unravelled rather quickly with the election and New Caprica just appearing to happen out of nowhere. Yet watching “Epiphanies” yesterday afternoon I noticed how, at the end, all of the elements that lead to New Caprica are in place by the act of Baltar giving Gina the nuke and telling Oshi (is that his name?) that he will work on Roslin hearing their position out “from the inside.” THERE, is the seed for the collaboration/occupation with/by the Cylons. I can’t believe I never caught that before!

  23. Pike says:

    Armando, BSG 80 did give us the first human-looking cylon. And, c’mon, flying fraking motorcycles! (That makes up for a lot of sins when you’re ten.)

  24. Matt from Utah says:

    Oh craaaaap! I know that it is pronounced “Fulcan” not “Falcon”. I was having a youthful moment thinking of my toys from the late 70’s early 80’s. Heck, when I first saw Star Wars in ’77 i was four and I thought that Harrison Ford’s character was pronounced “Hand” Solo. So please forgive me. On a brighter note, if you follow this link you will see the Death Star Toy that I had as a child. Sweet memories.

  25. Matt from Utah says:

    The following link is a picture of the much discussed Millennium “Fulcan” Falcon.

  26. A. Lo says:

    Hey Audra & anyone else who might be interested –

    If you haven’t already, go to Sci-Fi’s battlestar site and watch the full Ladies of Battlestar Galactica panel from Comic-con San Diego – the whole thing is like 48 minutes long but worth it –

    But I mention this only because Lucy Lawless has a hilarious wisecrack about the Lee towel scene. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet. Anyway, the whole panel is worth watching for the interaction between the actresses (Lucy Lawless, Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff, and Mary McDonnell – Ron Moore and David Eick are also on the panel).

  27. Number 13 says:

    And some exciting/tormenting news:
    1) They’re still considering the split of season 4. RDM wants them to air it all at once because we’re going to “freak out” after Episode 10. Hmmm…
    2) It looks like they’re reconsidering the Caprica series as a 2 hour movie which would also be a pilot (much like the miniseries was for BSG). No surprise, since they’ll want to keep the BSG crowd, many of whom only watch the channel for BSG (like me).
    3) Season 3 DVDs aren’t due until spring 2008. That means that at the earliest, season 4 won’t come out until then.

  28. Solai says:

    We are going to freak out after episode 10?!?!?



  29. Dave says:

    Number 13 Says:
    Season 3 DVDs aren’t due until spring 2008.

    WHAT?!?!?!?!?! WTF??


    RDM wants them to air it all at once because we’re going to “freak out” after Episode 10.
    —already freaking out….

  30. Phil says:

    Uh…, it seems that not having the DVDs until spring will kind of hinder the planned re-watch of season 3. What’s the plan, Chuck? Or in typical Cylon fashion if the original plan doesn’t work, are you just going to fake it and see if anybody notices?

  31. Raemani says:

    Wasn’t sure where to put this one – so I’ll post here (Chuck/Audra/Sean – feel free to move as necessary

    Looks like we may not see Season 3 until Spring per TV guide:

    This is going to make the rewatch a tad bit more difficult for those that don’t have Tivo/tapes/DVR’s/I-tunes….TV guide is normally pretty reliable.

  32. The Alpaca Herder says:

    And yet access to any of BSG via iTunes will disappear fairly soon…while the new service offering on Amazon Unbox is verily and truly prejudiced against Mac users…

    (Which temporarily does not include me…but should be fixed by Sunday night)

  33. Gryper says:

    Happy 1st Birthday GWC!

  34. Armando says:

    “Armando, BSG 80 did give us the first human-looking cylon. And, c’mon, flying fraking motorcycles! (That makes up for a lot of sins when you’re ten.) ”

    Pike, no WAY! Nope. No. Not even for the flying bikes. And the human-looking cylon was wasted, WASTED, on BSG 1980. About the only good thing about that series, MAYBE, is the “Return of Starbuck” episode, which is actually halfway decent. 😛

  35. Armando says:

    “And some exciting/tormenting news:
    1) They’re still considering the split of season 4. RDM wants them to air it all at once because we’re going to “freak out” after Episode 10. Hmmm…
    2) It looks like they’re reconsidering the Caprica series as a 2 hour movie which would also be a pilot (much like the miniseries was for BSG). No surprise, since they’ll want to keep the BSG crowd, many of whom only watch the channel for BSG (like me).
    3) Season 3 DVDs aren’t due until spring 2008. That means that at the earliest, season 4 won’t come out until then.

    I hate NBC/Universal. They wouldn’t do this to “Heroes,” would they? (Though that is another pretty frakking awesome show, I’ll give ’em that.)

  36. Number 13 says:

    You know those funny pictures of chimps in suits working away in a cube farm and at a big table for a meeting… those pictures were actually taken at the SciFi Channel building.

  37. Solai says:

    Number 13, that statement is incredibly offensive and insensitive to chimps. To think a chimp would actually stoop so low as to be an executive at Scifi…how dare you! They have almost gotten over the Matthew Broderick Project X fiasco, and now this? THIS? Next you will be suggesting that chimps shouldn’t vote or be able to purchase firearms.

    Seriously…think about the chimps next time you make such a slanderous remark. The authorities have been notified and you are now considered on the chimp security advisory system as an “Elevated” risk (color coded: yellow with brown spots). Don’t make me go all BJ and the Bear on your frakking arse. Lancelot Link has been notified and will be watching you from this time forward to ensure you make no further infractions. Think twice before even putting a quarter into a Donkey Kong arcade game…it may be misconstrued as an act of intolerance.

    You have been warned.

  38. Armando says:

    Now, now, Solai. There’s no need for threats. Watercooler has always been a welcoming and friendly group and we don’t need to bring the authorities into this. I’m sure Number 13 didn’t mean any harm to our closest relatives.

    Besides, the kind of mind-set at the Sci-Fi Channel seems to suggest that its executives are more like single-celled organisms.

  39. Solai says:

    Point taken Armando. Apologies Number 13 for getting worked up about the chimps. Lancelot Link has been called off and the Chimp Security Advisory System has been reset to Normal (color coded: Yellow).

    I am reminded of a quote from a favorite comedian of mine, Eddie Izzard:

    “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, and monkeys do too (if they have a gun)”

  40. Number 13 says:

    I forgot what I posted and when I saw that I was actually worried for a second and wondering what I actually posted last night. lol

  41. Solai says:

    Hahaha…that is funny. My background in acting (and managing corporate politics) has paid off once again!

    …chimp hater!

  42. Number 13 says:

    Well as a 2nd grader I saw the movie “Outbreak” and have been scarred ever since. I seriously didn’t sleep that night at all and was terrified of monkeys for several years.

    Good news though, SciFi is finally going ahead with an HD channel. “Either way, by the time “Battlestar” returns next year, Sci Fi Channel will have launched its high-definition simulcast channel, allowing viewers to finally see the show in HD during its premiere run.” Nice! Universal HD only runs each episode once or twice and that’s it. And since BSG is done in widescreen, the faces look absurd when the TV stretches it to fit, but an HD channel (or DVD) will get rid of the black bars completely and make it the way it was designed to be seen.

  43. Number 13 says:

    Oh yeah, I tried to post this last night, but the site was down at the time for whatever reason.

    I think this is in response to Armando from a while back regarding the fallen Ewok hero being a touching part of the movie:

  44. Solai says:

    Number 13, I am sorry to hear about your monkey scarring. I had a similair experience with the movie “Poltergeist”. I didn’t have nightmares, I simply didn’t sleep for a long time.

  45. Armando says:

    “I think this is in response to Armando from a while back regarding the fallen Ewok hero being a touching part of the movie:

    Too funny, 13!

    Burn in hell, Dead Ewok!

    (By the way, you made me feel seriously old with your story about being in second grade when you saw “Outbreak.” I saw that at an outing with some friends…in college! Ah time, you inexorable, cruel mistress!)

  46. Armando says:

    And Solai, you rock on the Eddie Izzard reference! All I have to say to that is: “le sange est sur la branche.”

    (“The monkey would bugger off, wouldn’t he? Cause he’s a monkey! He’s a cheeky monkey!”)

  47. Solai says:

    “And he knew my French wasn’t very good so he’d go off and do things!

    “Oh, le singe est là-bas. Regarde! Il est sur une bicyclette, il joue au banjo, il fume une pipe. Maintenant il arrête, il lit un journau, il lit un journau…I see…et maintenant il est dans l’autobus, dans l’autobus…il conduit l’autobus, and et Sandra Bullock est dans l’autobus. Il y a une bombe dans l’autobus. Il faut conduire l’autobus plus de cinquante kilomètres par l’heure, et Keanu Reeves, il arrive dans la voiture…il n’a pas de cheveux, et Jeff Daniels est déjà mort. Et regarde! Il essaie à se jette dans l’autobus. Et Dennis Hopper, oh, Dennis Hopper, quel méchant!”

    I just adore Eddie Izzard. Every few months I listen to all of his shows straight through on my commute to work. Just brilliant. For those who may not know him, no, his comedy is not all about or in French…this is but a small isolated sample.

    I love to call my daughter a cheeky monkey. I also like to refer to her has the President of Burundi which just confuses her.

    “Bonjour mon petite Président de Burundi!”
    “Coma Papa?”

    I am laughing to myself thinking that this discussion is exactly the same kind that happens on Watercooler. All we need is a Star Wars reference, an observation about a particular small detail and a correction of pronunciation and we will be right on.

  48. Number 13 says:

    Well I listen to Dennis Miller every day at work and he makes SW references and talks about bad horror movies from the 60’s, but he doesn’t cross dress or anything like that. Ummm… he did have an awfully bad mullet back during his SNL days in the 80’s. That’s all I’ve got, but I think if we combine the two we’ve got a killah combo.

  49. Audra says:

    Number 13! I’m also sorry to hear of your monkey-scarring. Who let you watch that movie in second grade? I was in high school (or almost there) when that movie came out, and it scarred me then. Although, I did see The Shining when I was about nine, and that’s probably how those monkeys feel. To you, I mean. I’m not really sure how monkeys feels. Soft and silky? Or coarse and prickly?

  50. Armando says:

    “I am laughing to myself thinking that this discussion is exactly the same kind that happens on Watercooler. All we need is a Star Wars reference, an observation about a particular small detail and a correction of pronunciation and we will be right on. ”

    How’s this one for you:

    “Uh…Lord Vader?”
    “It’s the Rebels, sir. They’re…here.”
    “Yes? What do they want?”
    “I don’t know sir, but they have a flag…”

    (For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, check out Eddie Izzard’s special, “Dress to Kill.” Or just about any of his stand up, which is brilliant. He’s also a fine actor, most succesfully on the stage and on the TV show “The Riches.” Most of his film roles tend to be rather small, alas.)

  51. Bugs says:

    Regarding your discussion on the exploding ammunition (i think it was in this podcast). I’m a bit worried about the physics of the guns on the Vipers. The bullets look quite heavy and accelerating them take a lot of energy and rapid firing of them would slow the Viper down.
    Feels like more light weight bullets would be the way to go.

  52. Solai says:


    “You’re Jeff Vader?!?”

  53. Armando says:


    No. I’m Jeff, the god of Biscuits. Or the Emperor Fabulous. Take your pick. 😉

  54. Pike says:

    I can see it now, “I, Fabulous! The Musical.”

  55. Solai says:

    We so have to get Sean to listen to Eddie Izzard’s “Death Star Cafeteria” sketch.

  56. Bugs says:

    I think you’re spot on about the simplest solution is what we get to see. A smaller casing doesn’t crush as nice on screen as the big one, for example.
    For me, physics wise, it would’ve been sufficient with a smaller bullet. Don’t think some fancy exotic material that helps out in the acceleration process with the new magnetopolar flux coils is needed. The lack of “techno-babble” in the show is part of its greatness.
    Momentum is crucial and firing heavy bullets with high speed from a lightweight Viper just doesn’t make sense.

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