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This morning we added another feature to GWC: a Flickr photo pool. This is an easy way for us — and you! — to share your GWC-related photos. We kicked things off by adding a few of our own. Specifically, I uploaded a shot of me and Audra with someone everyone here’ll recognize (Sean’s behind the camera), and Sean added some killer pictures from our visit to the Star Wars exhibit in Fort Worth a while back.

But the best thing about the Flickr pool is that you can join and add your photos as well. If you’ve never worked with Flickr before, it’s easy — and more importantly, free. Just jaunt over to their website and sign up for a free account. Once you’re set, you can upload your photos using any of their simple methods. Then you can join the “Galactica Watercooler” group and add any of your uploaded photos to the group.

Keep an eye out in GWC’s right sidebar for a Flickr photostream that’ll show ten of the most recent additions to the pool. (Because the group is brand-spankin’-new, right now it just shows my one photo. But that’ll change shortly.) Clicking on any of the photos links you to the big versions, and clicking the “more photos” link takes you to the pool itself.
Anyway, we hope you enjoy it, and look forward to seeing your photos!

47 Responses to "GWC’s Flickr Photo Pool"
  1. Pike says:

    This is a great idea. I can’t wait ’til people start sending in meet-up pix.

  2. Solai says:


    Are you also thinking that this would be a place to share Galactica images or art that has been created? Say like the images I made inspired by Audra singing in the first few podcasts?

    Just wondering. This is a great idea! I haven’t played with Flickr before. Sounds excellent.

  3. dave says:

    That’s a great pic of you and Audra—who’s that other guy?? (kidding, joking joking).
    Really cool that you were able to meet EJO. 🙂
    Site is really coming along great guys, you should be proud. 🙂

  4. Browncoat_Bryan (aka McFrakkin) says:

    Wow… I remember someone saying it before, that you all look like your avatars, but DANG!!

    How sweet is that? To meet Edward James Olmos. I think if I met him, I’d end up talking like Adama… “mumble mumble mumble… It’s an honor… mumble mumble mumble.”

    The website is looking good, although I do have one question. What spaceship is that in the upper right hand corner?

  5. BoxytheBoxed says:

    i will never look at you…listen to you the same

  6. The Fair Melissa says:

    Love the pics…. I have a photo of an R2-D2 mailbox (taken in Seattle). Is that post-worthy, or is it BSG content only?

    EJO? OMG!

    Isn’t it funny to put faces to voices?

  7. Sean O'Hara says:

    Heck yeah it’s post worthy, post it up! I’d love to see it if nobody else does 😀

  8. Stroogie says:

    Cool. Now I don’t have to imagine the animated talking heads of your avatars when I listen to the podcast. Where were ya’ll when you took that picture? Did EJO take a jaunt through Dallas?

  9. Cami's Mom says:

    Can I post a pic of my kid’s home-made cylon raider? I think it will totally absolve me from the sin I’ll inherit from my other kid who calls the program “Stargate Galactica.” (I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.)

  10. Pike says:

    BB, LMAO, I had the exact same reaction. Mad props to Sean. Getting the general features right is one thing, but being able to suss that Chuck was tall and Audra… less so, in a head-shot caricature is serious talent.

  11. The Fair Melissa says:

    Sean – love the pics from the Star Wars exhibit. Makes me want to see it all over again (even if it is almost 10 years later).

    Which leads me to my “Star Wars” question – isn’t Boba Fett the son of Jango Fett (the model for all the “clone” stormtroopers)? I have a Halloween costume catalog that identified Boba Fett as a clone. He wasn’t a clone, right?

  12. Pike says:

    FM, if I remember this right, Bobba was an actual clone of Jango (ie, he wasn’t conditioned as the clone/stormtroopers were.) Genetically, he was his twin.

  13. Phil says:

    I thought from EpII that the one stipulation that Jango made for allowing himself to be cloned was that he be given one copy for himself, hence Boba.

  14. The Fair Melissa says:

    Ah, okay. That’s what I get for not paying attention during Episode II. Thanks, Pike and Phil.

  15. Pike says:

    FM, yeah, that was the middle part. I tuned out there too.

  16. BoxytheBoxed says:

    Cami’s Mom-LOL
    thats what my parents call it
    then they laugh at me and call me a nerd

    which is technicaly not correct
    i go by Uber Geek

  17. Chuck says:

    Cami’s Mom: Let’s see the raider! I made cardboard-box ships when I was a kid.

  18. Number 13 says:

    Oh, that’s so cool. When SW Battlefront: Renegade Squadron comes out next month, I’m totally making a wookiee with dreads.

  19. Pike says:

    Bertrams captioned photos are fantastic!

  20. codeandrew says:

    OUTSTANDING SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECTS FOR A SERIES – Battlestar Galactica (Exodus, Part 2)


    kinda knew that we weren’t going to win the Writing one for RDM cause he was up aganist 3 Sapranos episodes. (but my prediction RDM WILL win next year because of the finale season)

  21. Altair IV says:

    Well that’s just it! Frrraaaakkkkk!!

    In just one Flickr click all my mental impressions ….and all that work by my imagination to figure out what the GWC pod-panel looked like…. have just been destroyed.

    My illusions have been revealed to be illusory. 🙁

    Not to say I haven’t been pleasantly surprised by the pleasing visages revealed via Flickr, but I had got comfortably used to my old imaginary Chuck (“head Chuck”?) and Audra (“head Audra”?) and Sean. I can’t think of them now when I hear the pod voices.

    Creative destruction strikes again

  22. Chuck says:

    Altain IV: If it helps, I could tell you that that’s actually a fake photo that I pulled from the web somewhere to fool you.

  23. Boxytheboxed says:

    i see sean
    and the waist-level hair isnt suprising

  24. Solai says:

    Pike, thank you! I have worked hard for a long time on those pics for a thread called, “Galactica Thread Bombs” over on the Scifi boards. It a small eddy of normalcy in a sea of viciousness and stupidity. Glad you enjoyed them!

    – Solai (Bertram)

  25. Armando says:

    So it’s easy to tell who you guys are, but who’s the guy in the middle? I know I’ve seen him before…wasn’t he in that movie about the teacher, with the baseball bat…LEAN ON ME?!?!? 😉

  26. Solai says:

    Armando, I love that movie! Whatever happened to that guy? Talk about your career peaking. Did he do any other movies I may have heard of?

  27. Number 13 says:

    Oh cool! At last, they have revealed themselves to us all. I always imagined Audra looked like that, but with more reddish hair. And Chuck is definitely “recognizable”. lol Sean also looks an awful lot like Admiral Adama in that one picture. Hmmm…

    I also noticed that pictures of the Hoth electrobinocular has been added. I always loved that one for some reason. And the wampa, not to mention the sound it makes when it eats that meat, has always freaked me out.

  28. Pike says:

    That guy from Miami Vice made a movie?

  29. Solai says:

    C’mon. Let’s get serious. Eddie’s best work was in “Touched by an Angel”

  30. Solai says:

    This is why I always carry noodles on my person. If ever EJO finds reason to chase me I can simply throw them in his path and he will be sure to stop and slurp them down.

  31. Boxytheboxed says:

    i think EJOs best work will be the next chuch norriss

  32. Solai says:

    Well, I made my first piece of Galactica Watercooler specific artwork. Be kind, this is not what I do for a living.

    Inspired by several ongoing comments and themes in the show. Enjoy.

  33. Number 13 says:

    Solai- I love that. It’s not just Sean’s dream, it’s my dream too and I think about 90% of other people here. Maybe stick the Falcon in there too. lol

  34. Pike says:

    Solai, love it!

  35. Audra says:

    *Burying face in hands* Now everyone has seen my “face for radio.”

    A similar thing happened to me reading the Harry Potter books (of all things). I had read at least two of the books before any of the movies came out, and while the casting was great, I had to readjust my mental images. Now I can only see those actors when I read.

  36. StevieSpin says:

    Audra you look adorable in that picture!

    And for some reason when I painted my mental images of the casters I drew Audra in as Cally (sp?) from BSG. No idea how it happened, but I had to shake my head when I saw the real Audra =)

    And Sean had short hair in my mind’s eye.

  37. Raemani says:

    I will post some of the pics from Dragon Con over the weekend – I just have to gather them all. I actually didn’t take any – but I was with a bunch of people and I think between everyone there are like 600 pics. I will make sure I post who took them.

    I so hope someone got a pic of Chew-boxy and C3 BoxyO – and not our Boxy- there was a whole group that made the Star Wars costumes out of boxes – they were great.

    There were some amazing costumes.

  38. The Fair Melissa says:

    Audra, Audra, Audra, please tell me you are kidding with the “Cylon at the door” comment on that flickr photo. That’s no Cylon. That’s the robot from the Day the Earth Stood Still.

  39. Chuck says:

    Melissa: It’s an honorary Cylon. You know, like KITT.

  40. Chuck says:

    StevieSpin: Sean has short hair in my mind, too. Most of the time I see him, he’s wearing a hat. I like to imagine that it’s one of those trick hats with the hair attached inside.

  41. Audra says:

    Lmao! My grandpa wore one of those once when he met us at the airport when I was a kid and we came to visit. It had been a few years since we’d seen him, so he knew the gray ponytail was feasible, if not likely. Fooled me, though.

  42. Audra says:

    Steviespin – you’re sweet. I am giving you a long-distance hug. 🙂

  43. Pike says:

    OK, I know the forums and store are still to be, but the flickr pool is (so far) the awesome sauce on the GWC sammich.

  44. Altair IV says:

    Oh ho! I think Chuck may have nailed it. The Fifth and Final Cylon is KITT. Not to be revealed until the Fleet finds Earth and David Hasselhof. The Hasselhof / KITT “KnightRider’ team is the role model for co-operative human / cylon relations. Wasn’t Knightrider produced by Glen A Larson who also did the original BSG? Maybe KITT has ‘All along the Watch Tower’ stored inside it on 8 track. This is getting creepy!

  45. Solai says:


    Audra is totally going to go nuculer when she sees how you pronounced sandwich. You have my sympathies. Prepare thyself for grammatical evisceration. In a nice way.

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