Happy Birthday, GWC!

First of all, we’d like to wish all of you who’ve stuck it out with us for the last year Happy Birthday. Indeed, GWC will be one year old tomorrow. We were saving the new design for tomorrow, but we ran into some issues that forced us to go ahead with it. So here ’tis.

You’ll notice a couple of quick advantages. For example, the new site actually works in Firefox, IE, and even Safari. (Yes, some of us have Macs, too. So we felt your pain with the old site.) And certainly the new site offers Sean a much better opportunity to show off his design capabilities.

You’ll also notice two tabs up at the top which don’t work yet:


For the first year of GWC we studiously avoided adding a forum. We felt like somehow we’d managed to attract such a great group of friends and participants that we didn’t want to do anything that might shift the balance or otherwise frack things up. As many readers have commented, this is an amazingly friendly and enjoyable group.

But recently we’ve begun to feel like not adding a forumhas sort of become the new adding a forum — like by not adding one we’re hobbling a community that could otherwise grow and become even more enjoyable for everyone involved. So we relented, and it’s coming very soon. We’re still tweaking the installation, but expect to see the forum tab live in the next week.


While we’re by no means planning to turn GWC into some kind of sales tool, we’ve also finally succumbed to the many requests for some basic GWC gear to help you share the fun here with others. Specifically, we’re putting together a little Cafe Press store full of T-shirts and trinkets complete with GWC graphics and listener/reader-only inside jokes.

GalacticaWatercooler.com’s redesign should give you some idea of Sean’s skills — remember, he’s a world-class sandbagger — so we’re excited about his creations for the store. Hint: start working on him now to do a full-sized poster for the store; they take some time. I have one over my desk that he created — it’s a “1 of 1” print — and it’s fraking incredible.

More To Come

There’s more, but we can talk about it later. For now, I just wanted to let everyone know that a) the site is back up and should stay up now, and b) we’re really, really happy that you’re here. You’ve made the last year incredibly enjoyable for us (and your fellow reader/listeners), and we hope that when the forum goes live it’ll give us all an opportunity to interact even further.


52 Responses to "Happy Birthday, GWC!"
  1. Flyer Ken says:

    I just want to say the new look is frackkkkking awesome and i can’t wait to see whats next. One more thing, Happy 1st birthday GWC now blow out your candles so the rest of us can have cake.

  2. Saberhawk says:

    I have been lurking and not commenting lately on the re-watch, but you new look has brought me out of hiding. Nice work.

  3. The Fair Melissa says:

    Sean – the design is awesome! Please, please, please, do a poster! Please?

    Happy Birthday, Watercooler! I’d sing, but it’s been done before. Thanks for all the podcasts – I’m behind after two weeks of vacation, but have nothing but time (and a drive to LA this weekend) to catch up.

  4. Pike says:

    Happy Birthday GWC! (Weirdly, also my BFF from high school’s BD)

    Also, if there’s not an “I like alpacas” t-shirt available in the GWC store, I will be very, very disappointed.

    Oh, crap, just realized that we all need to give good wishes via call-in. Get on it, guys!

  5. Melissa in NY says:

    Happy Birthday GWC! Great redesign Sean! Now I’ve got to go catch up on all the podcasts! Keep up the good work!

  6. Phil says:

    What else can I say….Awesome!

    Happy 1st Birthday! If the rumors from Sci-Fi are true and they’re stretching season 4 into 2009, I guess we’ll see the 2nd B-day as well.

  7. Shaymus22 says:

    So…bobble heads, maybe? 😀

  8. codeandrew says:

    Happy Birthday! Site is looking AWESOME!

  9. Number 13 says:

    Nice! So much easier to read (I used to have to highlight the text to read it). And I’m really glad to see a forum is coming.

  10. Yorick says:

    Bon Anniversaire!! Happy Birthday from NYC!!
    I love the new design, very classy 🙂

  11. Leon Kensington says:

    Happy B-Day GWC! I remember when you were but a wee little podcast with only about 10 people on the blog. Then, something happened and we have probably close to 50 people! Good times.

  12. Moe says:

    Happy Birthday from France.

    Another year older and another year better.

    So what will you be wishing for as you blow out the candles?

    Audra – Lee without a towel or just a washcloth?
    Sean – still hoping for his very own centurion?
    Chuck – hmm I dunno – 2008 episodes? Oh I got it. Anoteher appearance of the watercooler in the show.

  13. Zina says:

    Happy Birthday GWC!
    Good work, Sean. The site looks frakking cool.
    I listen and don’t participate that much as I have tiny children to care for… but I subscribe to your podcast and love it. Keep up the good work, Chuck, Audra and Sean.

  14. Mike P says:

    The new site looks great. Thanks for all that all of you do!

  15. BDGroundHog says:

    Habby B-Day from Burbank CA!
    I’ve listened from the beginning and only posted once about a hot-women-rescuing-balter theory, but I’ve listened since episode 3 was on itunes. You guys make me laugh so much that I ignore the craaap I get at work…

    and I got in trouble for ending every argument here with “Oh yeah? Wanna bet a quarter on that?”

  16. Tanu says:

    Happy Birthday GWC!!!

    I love the new website design, really looking forward to the forum and some cafepress goodies.

  17. Armando says:

    So after days of not being able to log on to the site or download the podcast because of the upgrade, THIS is what I get? Sweet! It looks great. 🙂 Sean, you totally rock. Happy birthday, guys. Like Melissa, I’m behind now but have a road trip coming up next week, so I’ll be catching up then.

    One question: what’s the ship up in the corner?

  18. Solai says:

    testing…testing…posts not getting saved…

  19. Solai says:

    …wonders where his last post went. Ok, take four…:

    -Sixteen Candles Anthony Michael Hall -on-


    *starts drumming glass coffee table

    -Sixteen Candles Anthony Michael Hall -off-

    Happy B-day Watercooler! Wait a minute. Happy B-day? That can’t be right. Happy refreshing stream of water up your butt? So not what I mean. This is what happens when you start abbreviating words unnecessarily. U know?

    Happy anniversary. See you same time next year!

  20. Altair IV says:

    Happy Birthday GWC. You are now one Yaron old.

  21. dave says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

    It’s not galactica related…but I’d thought all would enjoy..


  22. Kappa says:

    Ooh…love the shiny new website!

    Happy birthday, GWC!

  23. Stroogie says:

    To quote Colonel Tigh: “Whoaaaa…” Site looks frakkin’ awesome, Sean. Happy Birthday, everybody!

  24. Number 13 says:

    Leon- It’s so funny thinking back to this place when it first started. It was pretty much Pike’s site. lol If you listen to the first podcasts, every time they reference the site they always mention Pike because it’s not like anyone else could’ve said it. How far this place has come.

  25. Pike says:

    13, LOL. Actually, if you listen to the early ones, they usually say “someone on the site said…”

  26. missmuffet says:

    Happy birthday GWC!

    I have been listening for about three months now and I’ve never really posted here – so I thought this was a good time to start.

    I love your podcast and look forward to them every week.

    The site looks awesome btw.

  27. Pleh says:

    The site actually displays correctly on my Mac. Hurray! Before, everything on the side kind of ran together. Nice job on the design. Lovely.

  28. Amber says:


    Happy Birthday!

  29. StevieSpin says:

    As a fan of the podcast and as a web designer, thumbs up on a great job, Sean.

  30. BoxytheBoxed says:

    HOLY FRAK the site looks good
    and Chuck/Sean/Audra in regards to the forum I CALL DIBS ON MODERATOR
    and a t-shirt

  31. Leon Kensington says:


    Could we expect a 1st year montage?

  32. StevieSpin says:

    In most cases selling branded mugs and stuff would be a little whorish, but you guys have been paying for this site out of pocket for a long while and have actually refused donations so this is a cool way to let us help support the podcast we love and rely on while scoring swag.

    I’m going to go get something now!

  33. StevieSpin says:

    oh it’s not up yet :\ I’m a bit of an impulse shopper.

  34. Pike says:

    Leon, I had actually planned to do that, but got too busy this week.

  35. EnoNomi says:

    Happy Birthday! You guys & gal rock. And have made this long hiatus soooo much more bearable.

  36. Phoenix says:

    New site…shiny! It looks fantastic.

    Happy Birthday!

  37. Leon Kensington says:


    Give me your email and some suggestions for the montage, I might be able to put it together. Or even better, here’s my email. zb1991 AT gmail.com

  38. Chuck says:

    Am I the only one who always laughs when I see “37 comments” under a post? (Of course this makes it 38, negating my point.) And on a related note, I’m bummed we’re not going to see a Kevin Smith-directed episode. For those who missed it, the BSG crew double-booked guest directors, and Smith missed out — at least that’s what Smith said in his blog recently.

  39. dxf says:

    Speaking of Kevin Smith (which brings the Clerks cartoon to mind)…

    “Who is the final Cylon? Oh my gosh: Bear is the final Cylon — how could that be?”

    Happy birthday, GWC, and thanks for doing what you do.

    – ferris

    ps. I know he’s a busy guy, but you oughtta invite Smith on for an episode. It’d set a record for length, no doubt.

  40. The Alpaca Herder says:

    I’d say more if I could see more of the site in Blazer on my Palm. The Mac is doing its impression of Crashdown post-Kobol right now…so some things must wait. Eventually my makeshift Palm-based podcast set-up will let me here last week’s episode fully…just not now.

    Congratulations on one year!

  41. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Frakking predictive typing! I suppose I’ll hear the last show soon…

  42. codeandrew says:

    OUTSTANDING SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECTS FOR A SERIES – Battlestar Galactica (Exodus, Part 2)


    kinda knew that we weren’t going to win the Writing one for RDM cause he was up aganist 3 Sapranos episodes. (but my prediction RDM WILL win next year because of the finale season)

  43. Leon Kensington says:


    What are you talking about, the writing for an episode awards aren’t till tonight.

  44. codeandrew says:

    oh…. they are on different nights? *walks away feeling dumb*

  45. Leon Kensington says:

    So, are we going to have a frak party tonight for the Emmy’s?

  46. Architect says:

    Happy anniversary! Been listening to you all since the webisodes oh so long ago. 😀 Love what you guys have done to the place; don’t mind me as I wander around to see the sights…

  47. codeandrew says:

    well it seems I was sadly right anyway cause the i just watched enough of the emmys to see that BSG didn’t get directing or writing : (

  48. Leon Kensington says:

    Well, just wait till next year. I’m sure we’ll win best drama.

  49. Architect says:

    Frakady frak. Well. I guess it wasn’t unexpected but still, when they announced BSG and RDM as nominees, I was hoping… well, anyway. Maybe next year, right?

  50. StevieSpin says:

    Will we be able to get on the store via cafepress before you actually link it to the site? I searched the site but nothing came up yet.

    Eager to see what guys cooked up!


  51. perry ostrin says:

    so im in on the craaap joke but what’s the alpaca reference?

  52. Pike says:

    Sean likes alpacas.

    They’re like short llamas, apparently.

    That’s all we got, but it’s enough for an in-joke.

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