September 9, 2007

GWC Podcast #62

Join us this week’s watch-along commentary podcast for “Resurrection Ship, Part Two.” Highlights: we discuss why the Pegasus crew would lose in an all-out battle with the Galactica, wonder how Starbuck’s uniform fits so well, note how you should never trust dry people who show up with a towel, lament passive-voice decision making, marvel at the beauty of the firefight between two battlestars and the Cylons, and enjoy a tender moment between Adama and Roslin. We also talked a little about the extended Pegasus episode –mentioning Gaeta’s removed-from-the-TV-version “got any porn?” comment which led us on a spin through Texas’ old “blue laws” — and discussed Chuck’s turn from the prequel-hating dark side (sort of). Don’t forget: next week is our one-year anniversary podcast, and we’re setting aside lots of time for your calls.

24 Responses to "GWC Podcast #62"
  1. gafra says:

    These 2 eps remain amongst my favourites for so many reasons.

    The sheer scope of the battle (sheer, visual JOY!), the personal tensions between Cain, Thorne, Adama and Starbuck and the implications of their actions (and non actions!).

    Considering the sheer firepower of the Battlestars is it any wonder they scared the craaaaap out of the Cylons? The just poured armaments like they were sprinklers on a sportsfield. In Naval terms you can see how a Battlestar is consider the “aircraft carrier” of their era, but then they are also Destroyers in their own right, a’la USS Missouri, which was used to fairly devastating effect during the first Iraq war. Let’s not forget Lee’s charge at Exodus part 2.


  2. Leon Kensington says:


    Next week is the Emmy’s and BSG is nominated in 2 (possibly 3 its been a long time since I’ve looked) categories. May I suggest a mini-frak party for the award ceremony so we can talk about a win.

  3. Pike says:

    Good idea Leon. I’ll second that.

  4. Architect says:

    OK – I’m going to sound *really* stupid here… What happened to the podcast for Res Ship Part One? Not posted yet or are you all skipping it?

  5. Chuck says:

    Architect: We covered both this week. We actually did a real-time commentary for part two, but we discussed part one throughout — and quite a bit at the end as well.

    BTW: Awesome post name. Sean’s gonna love it!

  6. Armando says:

    The emmies are broadcast Wednesday but, apparently, were handed out over the weekend. If you don’t care about spoilers, the Galactica Sitrep web site (I’ve never heard that podcast, but the site is a nice complement to this one) has news on how BSG did. I won’t spill the beans here.

    Wish Michael Hogan had been nominated for acting, though. It’s FRAKING unfair! Craaaaaap…

  7. Dave says:

    Hoenstly, that end scene with Adams and Roslin still hits me hard. The look on her face as she is helped off by Billy, that slow release of Adamas arm, the look on Adamas face is if he’s about to lose it right there as she is led to her room – I’ve seen the episode around five times I think and it still slams me in the chest every time.

    Feeling a little fa-klempt…talk amongst yourselves….I’ll give you a topic…President Baltar’s New Caprica fiscal policies were neither new nor fiscal…discuss….

  8. Browncoat_Bryan (aka McFrakkin) says:

    Thanks for the link, Armando. I agree with you completely. Hogan seriously deserved an Emmy for his performance this WHOLE SEASON. Here’s a perfect case of discrimination. The show is Sci-Fi, so it can’t possibly have serious acting in it (thanks, William “You… Just Don’t Understand. Life… from lifelessness” Shatner). Anywho… I did some more looking on the site and found the link to Bear McCreary’s blog. Here’s the link to his soundtrack info:

    October 23rd, y’all.

  9. Browncoat_Bryan (aka McFrakkin) says:

    Oops… the link picked up the period…. Here’s the link:

  10. Number 13 says:

    It’s actually been nominated in 4 categories. Special effects (Exodus II= easy win), sound mixing, writing in a drama, directing in a drama.

  11. Above The Love says:

    Audra, Chuck, Sean,

    You guys were talking about the scene where Baltar was describing how he’d go to pyramid games and have an extra seat for Six.

    These are Head-Six’s words and he’s throwing them back at her through Gina. I can’t remember which episode it was from but it may be in season 1.

  12. Stroogie says:

    from Bear’s blog:
    “The Battlestar Galactica Live Concert in Los Angeles has been postponed to January 2008. The reasons for the delay are too numerous to mention, but I’m planning on scheduling the performance very close to the premiere of Season 4.”

    Very close? As in, Season 4 might actually premiere in January? May the Lords of Kobol make it so! (and thanks, Browncoat, for the link)

  13. Racetracks Ex Man says:

    Above The Love is indeed right about the story Baltar tells Gina, I actually think Head Six tells Baltat the story in Pegasus, which makes the betrayal even worse!!!, I could always understand Baltars attachment to Gina as she was tangible and ‘real’ but stealing six’s words in order to gain Ginas trust was a step too far, whats worse is the story that Head Six tells is something which only Caprica Six would have experienced, damn my head hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks as always for another excellent postcast guys

  14. BoxytheBoxed says:

    “BTW: Awesome post name. Sean’s gonna love it!”Damn chuck good call only understiid it AFTER i red your comment, had suspicians
    , but maby Architect was one, like lawyer Bill

  15. Leon Kensington says:

    Armando: Those were for the technical ones I believe. The rest are LIVE on Sunday.

    Disclaimer: LIVE in all CAPS is how LIVE always ought to be in that context, it it not ment as an exclaimation.

  16. Architect says:

    Chuck – thanks for the clarification. Great, great podcast as usual.

  17. Jason says:

    Above the Love and Racetrack’s (Ex) Man:

    I think the possibility the GWC crew were raising (regarding the story Baltar tells Gina) gets back to the nature of Head 6: whether she is a separate consciousness or a projection of Baltar’s. If she is his projection, then maybe it was he going to the pyramid games, and the story she tells him in the previous episode is actually a projection of his own experience. If Head Six is a manifestation of his own consciousness, Baltar is not stealing her words because he gave them to her in the first place.

  18. Racetracks Ex Man says:

    Good point Jason, though im not sure we will ever know what Head Six is, but it makes sense

  19. Dave says:

    And I am really hoping the new Trek movies (possible prequel) will be good. I have hope since Nimoy evidently loves the script—but still….we’ll see

  20. Audra says:

    Jason – That is what we were trying to get at – the whole idea about whether Baltar came up with the words on his own in the first place. Thanks for clarifying!

  21. Phil says:

    – The kiss between Adama and Roslin is very poignant. I think he only does it because he feels this is one of his last chances. I don’t think he would do if if he thought she was going to live. There is a real attraction between them, but they both realize it probably isn’t a good idea for the military to get into bed with the civilian government (so to speak).

    – It also occurred to me that Apollo’s emotional descent is really just a metaphor for the disintegration for the Colonial society. He is a military man, but also desired a career in the civilian world. Figuratively and literally he has served as the bridge between the military and civilian arms of the government. As such, I think he was best positioned to see and comprehend the true state of their civilization. When he realized the head of the civilian government was willing to order the assassination of another Colonial leader, he realized that the idealized Colonial society he had sworn to protect had completely collapsed. As the conscience of the show, he is basically suffering emotionally for everybody else’s transgressions.

    – Is Batman Begins a prequel or is it technically a reboot? The ironic thing is that probably Star Wars and Star Trek are one of the few stories where a prequel is actually warranted and could work. Unfortunately, the execution was, huh, shall we say, sub-par, (except season 4 of Enterprise).

  22. Number 13 says:

    Hey guys, thought I would mention that NBC’s fall shows are (on) On-Demand. I know some of you have that service. I watched the first episode of Bionic Woman and Chuck yesterday and both were quite good. Bionic Woman was a little slow, but it really picked up in the last ten minutes with an awesome fight scene. Starbuck (freaky Euro haircut), Chief, and Badger/Romo (in a lot of aging makeup) are in it. In the intros they even used the same text style that BSG uses for stuff like “Cylon Occupied Caprica” and such.

  23. david says:

    Cain was a very good adversary for adama

  24. Raemani says:

    Hey Audra – we are BamberBunnies (and we have website too) – and you guys have at least two members of the bunny ranks as fans of GWC.

    Trust me we are not just “fan girls” – we actually have very similar discussions on the forums that we do here. In fact we have plans for a meet-up next year at one of the cons (we are not sure where yet)….with a potential fund raiser for charity.

    The stories I have from Dragon Con do revolve around the Bunnies – and I owe many of the pictures and links I have from Dragon Con I owe to the Bunnies.

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