Top Ten Juiciest Secrets Deleted from Razor

Here’s the stuff they don’t want us to see – the stuff thatlanded on the cutting room floor.

10. Starbuck is really the love child of Brother Cavil and the Hybrid.

9. Lucy Lawless’ sidekick from Xena: Warrior Princess shows up to do a love scene with Baltar. Gets boxed.

8. Gaeta’s tattoo…goes all the way down!

7. The secret love tryst among Doral, Leoben, and a Daggit.

6. Tigh wore his eye patch on the wrong side for the first two days of filming, so they just left it in.

5. Adama and Roslin hooked up way before Season One.

4. Lee admits to Dee he’s been seeing Tory on the side. And Seelix. And Racetrack. And Laura Roslin.

3. The Algae Pot Pies in Hangar Deck B gain consciousness and form their own labor union.

2. Admiral Cain is a Centurion.

1. Baltar discovers that Six is real, and he’s the one who’s imaginary.

38 Responses to "Top Ten Juiciest Secrets Deleted from Razor"
  1. The Alpaca Herder says:

    (Channeling Mr. Burns): Excellent.


    Yes, this is a needed laugh…

  2. Pike says:

    “9. Lucy Lawless’ sidekick from Xena: Warrior Princess shows up to do a love scene with Baltar. Gets boxed.”

    I hate you for teasing me so.

  3. Battlestar Gigzlactica says:

    LOL!!!!!! Fraking Hilarious!!! Love it!

  4. Mike P says:

    These are great! You should post Top 10 lists more often!

  5. The Fair Melissa says:

    Laughed the hardest over Gaeta’s tattoo…. mostly because I could see him saying “wanna see it, Gaius? Come on, you know you want to”

  6. Amber says:

    Oh giggle ~

  7. Stroogie says:

    Algae Pot Pies…mmmm…

  8. Number 13 says:

    Oh lords of Kobol!

    Hey, while we’re on the humor of BSG, check out the much anticipated Robot Chicken with a BSG clip. It’s got all the actors doing their own characters other than EJO and Michael Hogan does several other voices in other skits. Joss Whedon also has a part after the final credits (be sure to click for the next section at the bottom of the page).

  9. Armando says:

    heh-heh: BALTAR’S the imaginary one! Awesome!

    Speaking of comedy, Galactica Sitrep has posted this weekend’s Robot Chicken BSG skit. It’s pretty sweet.

  10. The Fair Melissa says:

    I laughed so hard, but my favorite is the “Dick Tracy”. And the Rainbow Brite one? So wrong. So, so wrong.

    Robot Chicken? Pretty frakkin sweet.

  11. EB says:

    Where oh where did you discover all these juicy spoilers????

  12. Kappa says:

    “7. The secret love tryst among Doral, Leoben, and a Daggit.”

    Well, they found a way to work the original Centurions into the show; it was only a matter of time until the Daggits showed up. 🙂

    Frakkin’ hilarious list!

  13. Number 13 says:

    And even more BSG humor, except this isn’t made up. Kevin Smith is directing an episode. Never been a fan of his movies, but I’ve seen some thing with him talking the entire time (Night With Kevin Smith?) and it was hilarious.

  14. EB says:

    13: thats frakking awesome! i’m a huge fan of all his movies, and the reaper pilot mentioned in the article is also hilarious. btw, you’re thinking of the “evening with kevin smith” series; there’s 2 of them so far, with a third in the works. he gives very candid and funny discussion on topics ranging from himself and his film making to random pop culture topics.

    he truly is a fan’s fan, and i can’t wait for his takes on both heroes and now BSG. i think he’ll do them justice, though i wouldn’t be surprised if the BSG episode is one of the more “fun” ones that has less to do with the over-arching stories. now the only thing he needs to do for me is direct an episode of lost, which i hear he is also a fan of.

  15. BoxytheBoxed says:

    fraking awesome

  16. Number 13 says:

    EB- That’s what it was. I need to add those to the Netflix list since I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it. And I’d welcome a lighter episode since those are some of my favorites (Tigh Me Up, and that one in Season 3 with Baltar in the dream pool thing- I can never remember that episode’s title…).

  17. Tanu says:

    hehhe, awesome list and awesome robot chicken clip!

  18. Armando says:

    I just love Michael Hogan in that Robot Chicken, both the BSG one and the MASK one at the end. Now I want to see him in a comedy!

    Kevin Smith directing an episode: that will be interesting. I don’t always care for his movies (I think he’s a better writer than he is a director), but he’s a talented guy with a serious sensibility towards sci-fi while still being able to maintain his tongue in his cheek, so it should prove to be an interesting episode. Hopefully, though, not a throwaway.

    Number 13, I also like the lighter episodes, though I think there’s been less of a place for them as the series has progressed and gotten darker. Even “Taking a Break from All Your Worries” (the title of the episode you can’t remember) ended up turning into something really, really dark (all that Baltar in the dark pool stuff gives me, at least, the willies).

  19. joe says:

    Hahahaha, Number 1 is prcieless, Audra! Awesome.

  20. Edphoto645 says:

    You forgot one.
    Since Roslin returned to being President, Mr. Hurbert (from Family Guy) has been running the school they had formed on New Caprica…..and he is also seeing Lee on the side.

  21. Starbuccaneer says:

    So the Algae Pot Pies evolved… do they have A Plan?

  22. Stroogie says:

    The Algae Pot Pies were created by man.

    They metastasized.

    They evolved.

    They look and smell nasty.

    Some of them are engineered to think they taste like chicken.

    There are many flavors.

    And they have a plan…

    …to dominate the universe by ruthless expansion of their casual eating chain, leaving not a single planet with less than six McAlgae’s on every block.

    (Oh, Lords, did I just spend 20 minutes writing that?)

  23. Audra says:

    Lol Stroogie!!

  24. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Didn’t come from the site referenced below, did it?

  25. Stroogie says:

    ‘Fraid not, Alpaca. Would’ve been nice to pass this one off as someone else’s brain droppings, but it all came outta me.

  26. Number 13 says:

    Armando- True, it is a very creepy/distburing part of the episode, yet the parts not dealing with Baltar are a lot lighter than the show normally is. Even the “THROW HIM OUT THE AIRLOCK!” part was humorous in it’s own way.

  27. eyeless says:

    Firefly is indeed amazing. I urge all of your BSG fans out there: GO WATCH FIREFLY if you have not. Everything that makes Galactica great is in Firefly.

    Firefly might even have been better than Galactica if it had continued past part of one season. Who knows?

  28. Altair IV says:

    Deleted Scene #11

    The crew of the Pegasus capture a final five Cylon. Contrary to rumours final fives are not humanoid Cylons at all, but Toasters. Actual Toasters. During interrogation Cain brutally forces the toaster to cook an oversized english muffin. The toaster “dies” during the interrogation only to be resurrected on Earth, surrounded by it’s peers, in an electrical appliance store.

  29. Altair IV says:

    Thought for today.

    Is head six a pop-up toaster?

  30. Altair IV says:

    Deleted Scene # 12
    Baltar makes a cameo appearance and develops a love interest with a final five toaster. (To view the deleted scene click here).

  31. Altair IV says:

    Click here. Alternate take “Razor” poster, since rejected, that illustrates all Final Five cylons.

  32. Pike says:

    You see? Everyone thinks they’re being clever porting Linux to their toaster. Next thing you know…

  33. Audra says:

    Altair IV – perhaps she is a pop-tart?

  34. Audra says:

    I second the notion re: Firefly. Chuck and I were both blown away at how much we enjoyed the series when a friend recommended it to us a while back. The first few minutes we weren’t sure, but when Mal shoots the guy and they toss him out the door and take off, we instantly captured the humor and the attitude of the show. I highly recommend it to BSG fans as well.

  35. Altair IV says:

    r.e. pop tart

    pop tart. i love it. or maybe just toaster crumpet.

    r.e. firefly

    great series. i think of it as the ‘anti-star trek’, instead of an all wise all just federation there is the mean incompetent and uncaring alliance. instead of the superb technological marvel USS Enterprise there is Serenity a bucket of bolts that is barely spaceworthy. No disciplined professional crew, just a kind of loose bunch of people who care about each other and Jayne. no pan galactic multi-species universe here, just human beings, good, bad and indifferent, making the same old mistakes they have always made. BSG is a kind of ‘anti star trek’ too. maybe this new generation of sci fi TV is deliberately trying to put a vacuum between itself and the Trekiverse.

  36. Nikkie says:

    I love 9 “Lucy Lawless’ sidekick from Xena: Warrior Princess shows up to do a love scene with Baltar. Gets boxed.” hilarious.

  37. Johnny Boy says:

    I love you all!

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