Philly Meet-Up #3

The (in)famous Timbuck dropped me an email today indicating he, Mike P., and Raemani are organizing a third Philly-area meetup. They’d love to meet any of you from the NY, NJ, or DE area, and are willing to plan the meet to catch as many of you as possible. If you’re interested, the “Philly Three” will be hanging around in comments here to organize.

Sadly, AA Net Fares doesn’t have a cheapie flight to the northeast this week. One day, though…

Update: (Bump!) There’s still a lot discussion going on here and the meetup hasn’t finalized, so feel free to jump in if you’re in the Northeast and want to participate.

Update: (Bump!) Looks like they’re setting a date.

47 Responses to "Philly Meet-Up #3"
  1. Raemani says:

    Our plan is to try and meet somewhere in the middle – so that we can get as many people together as possible. So let us know where you are coming from, what days/times work best for you.

    Tentatively we were thinking some where in North Jersey, but again depends on where everyone is coming from – we know there are several of you in NYC, the 3 of us in Philly and one in DE – so speak up.

    We will keep an eye out here or you can e-mail any of us (I know we have all posted our e-mails on the thread, or you can get one of the GWC crew to pass it along).

    Even if you don’t think you can make it this time, but you are in the area let us know – I know there are some other times we are thinking about in the future (possibly Baltimore in Sept) and maybe somewhere we can watch episodes (esp aftwer S3 is released). I am willing to set-up and e-mail distribution list so that as things come up we can let everyone know.

    Thanks again to the GWC crew for bringing people together that would not have met each otherwise.

  2. Mike P says:

    I realize this would favor Timbuck, Raemani, our friend in Delaware (sorry — forgetting your name), and myself, but what about doing something in Philadelphia itself? A restaurant where we can chat, maybe? Just an initial though to get the ball rolling…

  3. Phoenix says:

    It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun in Bryn Mawr! I went to Villanova, so I know that area very well.

    My weekends are pretty much booked for awhile, but I like the idea of an email distribution list.

  4. Tanu says:

    I want to come to the Philly/Jersey meet up…but i dont’ have a car so if i can get a ride with someone going down… put me down on the email list

  5. Tanu says:

    btw, i’m in NYC.

  6. Timbuck says:

    Tanu–I would pick you up from a train station; Hamilton, NJ is not too far. NOT Trenton. I would rather go to New Caprica. See NJ Transit…

    I’m at

    Email me w ideas.

    Everyone else–hope to see some of y’all sooner or later.

    Thanks to Chuck for posting this link! Myself and the others will be all over it.

  7. Raemani says:

    OK – since we are closing in on August (OK so we still have 10 days left in July, but next week is going to be crazy at work), does anyone have any date preferences?

    Any ideas on what we want to do?

    Did everybody respond that is in the NYC/Philly/DE area that would like to join us?

  8. Tanu says:

    Hey guys, i’m in the middle of a GMAT test and a move (again) so i’m going to be out until at least mid-august. i haven’t even had time to listen to the last few episodes of the podcast. If you guys do this meet up or another meet up near the end of august or later then i can join you.

  9. Timbuck says:

    Let’s set it up for the end of August per Tanu’s note.

    It’s before football season so I’m good. In my world religion is real too–it’s the NFL. So say we all!

    I am good w N NJ or in Philly. We will eventually do both I’m sure so I’m flexible. You NYC’ers can train it down and I’ll Heavy Raider you to the meet-up.

    Since the 1st meet up was at Starbuck’s, and therein is the pun, the next big meet up should have a comic element to its locale too.

    For purposes of organization, everyone who is game for the Philly meet-up (sooner or later) please email me to put your name on my Philly mailing list.


  10. Tanu says:

    If the meet up ends up being after I move then I can drive down as I am moving to lower CT and getting a car. Which means I can also pick up NYC’ers on my way if it is more convenient for everyone.

  11. Johnny says:

    I’m from the Philly area as well. Please add me to the distro list for the meet-up!

    Since it’s summer, Philly is fairly empty over the weekends. There are many decent places to meet in the city. Count me in.

  12. Mike P says:

    Hey, Johnny, thanks for speaking up! What would be a good but not-too-expensive restaurant in the city, maybe, that we could all meet up at?

    My personal vote is to do something close by since my wife and I are expecting our second, and we had an unexpected emergency trip to the hospital this past Sunday (all are doing fine, now, thanks) — so I won’t want to travel too far afield anytime in the near future.

    Obviously, if the rest of you guys want to do otherwise, no problem, and I will catch meet-up # 4 🙂

  13. Colin says:

    I’m in Fort Washington and interested in meeting up with you guys. I’m upset I missed the Firefly event in Bryn Mawr. I was planning on it, but had a job that evening. Anyway Philly certainly has plenty of places to go to. Off the top of my head, the Manayunk brewery has lots of space. Parking is not the best, but you can park for free if you are willing to walk. In the main part of the city, you have little choice of parking if you drive. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


  14. Melissa (aka the Fair Melissa) says:

    I will be in the area Labor Day weekend, so if I can swing it, I certainly will.

  15. Johnny says:

    Congrats on the future edition to your family Mike!!! Manyunk is always a blast. Lots of people and bars along the strip there. Parking is a bitch though if the lots are full, but it may not be too bad.

    How many people are looking to meet up? If it’s less than 10. there are some good bars/restaurants in Northern Liberties, such as the Standard Tap at 2nd and Poplar St. The only downside to the Tap though is that they don’t have AC. Northern Liberties is a cool artsy/alternative neighborhood with good laid back peeps. Next to Standard Tap there’s a new upscale bowling alley/bar with a sweet atmosphere and lots of room. Parking can be a bitch though 🙁

    Or if people are looking for more upscale anywhere in Olde City around 2nd and Market is always a good bet. But, if people aren’t looking to spend much money this area may be a bit costly. I usually wake up the next morning with a bunch of CC receipts from places I don’t even remember going to hehe.
    Dave and Busters is a good place to meet if anyone is into arcade gaming/pool and there’s an outdoor restaurant next door called Rock Lobster with seating along the Delaware river. They usually have live music there at night too.

    I lived in the city for five years so if anyone has anything particular they want to do just ask, I probably know where we could go. There’s also group rates available through the Phillies is anyone is looking to catch a game.

    btw I live near ya Colin in Doylestown 🙂

  16. Timbuck says:

    Sunday, Aug 26th is the last Sunday in August. Let’s see who is good for that day! Post here or email me and I will share the info on my community “Philly Crue” email.

    “Crue” is spelled the heavy metal way because the Philly Crue* Rocks!


    *as cheesy as the 78 show…

  17. Tanu says:

    oooh, i love dave and busters. they have the most delicious cake….i forget which kind i got but it had lots of layers and was cream colored with raspberry or strawberry syrup on it … or something.

  18. Johnny says:

    Dave and Busters is good for me along with the 26th.

  19. Raemani says:

    That date works for me – of course the only I have planned in August is Dragon*Con which is the next week. I open to any place – but we should stick to some place that we can hear each other and that doesn’t mind us sitting for awhile. And if we are talking Sunday we are talking the afternoon, correct? or are we talking evening?

  20. Tanu says:

    My move has been scheduled for next weekend, much sooner than expected! WOOHOO!! as for the GMAT, thats been rescheduled to SEPT 6th, (extra double WOOHOO!).

    Meeting place: i’ve been to 2 dave and busters and both of them were not good for conversation so how’s the d&b in philly? Meeting time: please keep the commuters in mind as we will have a long drive back.

  21. Timbuck says:

    We need to stay near Mike P’s house due to his domestic need. Let’s see what he says. I’m good wherever. D&B is cool. The old Hooters next to it is closed and the strip joints near there wouldn’t want us staying around a long time.

    I should never let “HeadTimbuck” post. Wrong head.

    Mike P; call the ball.

  22. Mike P says:

    Well, I’m probably not the best one to call the ball in this case. That last Sunday is August I will have family in town due to a surprise baby shower (hush, no one breathe a word!). I hate to miss it, but go ahead and I will catch the next time — maybe we can do something around the time of “Razor” (although, as I said, I’ll have family in town *that* weekend, too, due to the baby’s baptism. Someone’s gotta teach that kid not to get in the way of Daddy’s sci-fi habit. 🙂 )

  23. Johnny says:

    Maybe your baby is part of a Cylon conspiracy? Cylon model number 15? I think we should all keep our eye on Mike! hehe

  24. Mike P says:

    If my baby is part of a Cylon conspiracy, then it’s not me for whom you should be watching out. It’s me who should be watching out for the President to show up at the hospital and abscond with her (and, yes, she should be a girl, so… and, come to think of it, the name we’ve picked out starts with an H… oh-oh! Wonder if her blood will have miraculous healing properties? )

  25. Timbuck says:

    I still think we should aim for that date. It’s already out there.

    As far as one near “Razor”; whenever is good for me. I may have a seasonal job to worry about. What is the eaxt date of the Razor broadcast? Has it been nailed down?

  26. Melissa (aka the Fair Melissa) says:

    I thought Razor was Thanksgiving weekend? Am I wrong?

    A seasonal job? Will this involve costumes? The mind reels…..

  27. Colin says:

    I should be fine for the 26th at D&B. I was planning to go on vacation around that time, but I am still up in the air. Regardless, I look forward to meeting you guys this time or the next. I am interested in a Frak party for Razor as well.


  28. Raemani says:

    OK – since it looks like we may have settled on a date – now we gotta figure out a place. My concern with D & B is the noise level and will they get annoyed with us sitting there talking. And we have to discuss time.

    So we have some coming from NYC area, on from Fort Washington area, Johnny – I’m not sure where you are from (or where you in DE?), and Timbuck and I in the Bensalem area…. if we are picking up the NYC’ers in Hamilton that puts Northeast Philly about mid way for everyone….If you guys are set on D &B’s there is always the one at Franklin Mills (which the couple times I have been there is not to bad). There are also a couple of diner types in this area that probably wouldn’t have too much of an issue with us sitting there.

    I am assuming we are talking Sunday early afternoon to meet up so that those that are coming from a distance can get home at a decent hour and we will still be able to hang for a few hours.

    Mike P – I will miss you – fraking timing – so the next time I will see you is probably after the baby is born 🙁

  29. Raemani says:

    As for Razor – the date I am hearing is Nov 24th which I believe is the Saturday after Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving is Nov 22th). I think I will be in NYC for a frak party being organized by people over at the forums.

    But we could plan something of a rewatch in early Dec (I am busy the first weekend though) or we could have something earlier in Nov. as a frak party to watch some of our favorites leading up to Razor – of course venue is an issue in this case.

  30. Mike P says:

    I would definitely be interested in a Razor re-watch sometime in December. Sounds like the 26th will be fun — sorry I can’t make it!

  31. Phoenix says:

    Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit. I was traveling for work and had a spotty internet connection.

    I won’t be able to make the 26th, but it sounds like a lot of fun! We wish you and your wife all the best, Mike P!

  32. Mike P says:

    Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone — I will definitely post an announcement at the GWC when the time comes! 🙂

  33. Marty M. says:

    I am new to the site, but not the GWC podcast…. I live in the Lancaster,Pa area and am intrested in meeting up with the local Crue. Don’t mind the drive, keep me in the loop. Thanks Marty M.

  34. Timbuck says:

    Marty M–email me and I will put on the Philly Crue mailing list.

    Waffle House is in Lancaster! Bring some take out. It’s worth every cubit.

    Bummed Phoenix and Mike P wont be at the August meet-up. We will soldier on…

    What about an October meet-up near Halloween? Sun Oct 28th would be my first pick. Maybe the 21st so I can go out the night of the 28th is costume. This is a Democracy (although if I stage a coup it would become an Enlightened Dictatorship) so lets here from the crue.

    I am open Sundays only sorry. Hopefully the Dallas Crew could make it! Coolest? Funny Guy? Shipmeister?

    Raemani is so right about D&B Philly. Its a logistical PITA. Meeting near Franklin Mills Mall is better. Kudos to ya babe! We could meet at D&B’s mini-place and move it to a diner. Club House Rae?

    Franklin Mills is just off I-95. It’s near Rt 1 and the PA Turnpike too. Easy navigating for the New Yorkers. Email me for directions if you want. Mike P will vouch I rock directions.

    A September meet-up could be cool too. If you could only make 1 of the 2, I would rather have one in October bec I am a Halloween freak. Movie(s) and holiday. Part of my Celtic heritage.

    Maybe Chuck can bump this up on the foodchain. We’re sinking!

  35. Raemani says:

    I am thinking that if we start and D&B, Franklin Mills and we don’t like it we can always find places around here that we can go and hang. At least it is easy to find and easy access from both I-95 for those coming from the north, and the turnpike for those coming from the west.

    So does this work for everybody?

  36. Raemani says:

    Looks like we are targeting August 26th at Dave and Busters at Franklin Mills Mall in Northeast Philly…. if anybody is missing from Timbuck’s mailing list let us know. Still haven’t decided on a time, but I am guessing early afternoon since we have some people driving a bit to get here.

    Either Timbuck or I can give you directions if you need them.

    My e-mail is, and Timbuck’s is a few posts up.

  37. Colin says:

    Hey guys,

    I spoke about the meetup on my Heroes podcast which was uploaded last night. Not sure how many philly fans are in the area who currently listen, but it may get some more interest. I think my podcasting associate, Kevin (the janitor) may be coming as well. I told listeners to come to this site for more details. For future podcasts, should I mention anything else? I will probably be recording over the weekend.


  38. cdbluejr says:

    The 26th may be ok for me, depending upon the time. I have tickets for the Phillies that day. For now it is a 135 pm start, could be changed to 805 start for ESPN.

  39. Raemani says:

    Time is the only thing I don’t think we have decided on – other then probably early after noon, since some people will be coming from a distance.

    I think we should nail it down in the next couple of days so we can then get a good count and maybe make reservations (if y’all think we need them).

  40. Raemani says:

    OK – so the details are set:

    Philly Meet-up #3:

    1 pm, Sunday, August 26, 2007

    Dave and Busters – Franklin Mills Mall
    1995 Franklin Mills Cir, Philadelphia, PA 19154-3136

    You can e-mail me at or Timbuck at for directions and let us know to look out for you.

    I may make reservations, but we are talking about a Sunday afternoon, so I don’t know if we will need them.

  41. Timbuck says:

    I’ve been away–not really just watching BSG re-runs and I’m at Lay Down Your Burdens pt 2! Those 2 and Downloaded are just frakkin’ amazing.

    I’m a go for 8/26 at 1pm.

    Aweosme we get free publicity on the Paper Podcast. I need to get that now…

    cdbluejr: Where are you from? I’m in Trevose. email me and I’ll put you on the Crue mailing list. Put GWC in the subject line so I’ll know you aren’t spam.

  42. Timbuck says:

    Thanks for the free pub. If anyone needs details, drop me a line:


  43. Sandcrawler says:

    Anybody consider Atlantic City? Fantastic place for a meet-up. I would recommend the Tun Tavern (birthplace of the USMC, kinda) and theres a convention center there too. Or the Borgata, which is cool , or the Quater at the Trop, endless possibilities

  44. Timbuck says:

    Sandcrawler: Tattooine or Arakis? Love the handle!

    AC is not a bad idea. Let’s see what the gang posts.

    The NYC meet-up is in early stages of planning!

  45. Colin says:

    I had a great time with the Philly Crue yesterday. Look forward to future events. Hopefully I won’t have to wear a sign next time… 🙂

  46. Sandcrawler says:

    Sandcrawler: a name earned from hanging out at too many beach bars.

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